CO2 Bubble Counter

CO2 - Bubble Counter
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comes with integrated check valve counting bubbles quickly and easily hose connection with safety-nut suitable for 4/6 mm CO2 hose

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You can very easily determine the amount of CO2 that is injected in an aquarium with a CO2... more
AQUA-NOACO2 Bubble Counter

You can very easily determine the amount of CO2 that is injected in an aquarium with a CO2 bubble counter. As a rule, CO2 dosage is given in "bubbles per minute". Very often you can hear the basic recommendation of 60 bubbles per minute, i. e. one bubble per second.

It is hard to find out the actual amount of CO2 injected in a tank via a CO2 diffusor. A little less or more CO2 is hardly noticeable due to the uncountable tiny CO2 bubbles. Even though the bubbles may not absolutely identical in size in each and every bubble counter, the basic amount of CO2 can be easily determined from it, and adjustment of the amount is very easy and comfortable.

The AQUA-NOA CO2 bubble counter is equipped with a check valve. It prevents water from running past the CO2 bubble counter, which protects the CO2 injection system and prevents the bubble counter from leaking.

The CO2 bubble counter by AQUA-NOA comes with a holder equipped with two suction cups, which can simply be attached to the aquarium glass on the outside of the tank. The standard 4/6 mm CO2 hose is used to connect the AQUA-NOA CO2 bubble counter with the rest of the CO2 system. Both connections are secured with union nuts.

Simply screw the AQUA-NOA CO2 bubble counter open and fill it up with water, to around three quarters of its capacity. The pipe in which the bubbles rise needs to be completely filled with water. Screw back together and you're done. Mount the CO2 bubble counter in an upright position, the pipe needs to be at the bottom. Connect the CO2 hose, and you're done. Now you can count the number of bubbles easily and exactly, and adjust the amount of CO2 injected on the needle valve e. g. of the CO2 pressure reducer.

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AQUA-NOA :: CO2 Bubble Counter
26 Oct 2018

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