CO2 Complete Set reusable (Basic)

Complete CO2 kit
including un-filled Aqua-Noa CO2 returnable bottle incl. pressure reducer, bubble counter, CO2 test optionally selectable: CO2 - night shutdown suitable for aquaria up to max. 250, 400 or 600 liters
Available variants
200 Basic
124.90 €
200 Basic M
155.90 €
400 Basic
152.90 €
400 Basic M
182.90 €
600 Basic
155.90 €
600 Basic M
186.90 €

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The  reusable complete CO2 sets Basic / reusable  CO2 complete... more
AQUA-NOACO2 Complete Set reusable (Basic)

The reusable complete CO2 sets Basic / reusable CO2 complete systems Basic from Aqua-Noa contain everything you need for a CO2 supply for the aquarium.

CO2 (carbon dioxide) is one of the most important plant nutrients at all and necessary for a beautiful, strong and healthy plant growth of aquatic plants in the aquarium. What oxygen in animals, is CO2 in plants ... Aquatic plants absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) and by means of light (photosysthese) the plant generates energy, whereby oxygen is produced as a "waste product". Especially in the case of low-stocked aquariums or many, somewhat more demanding aquatic plants, there is generally permanently too little CO2 in the aquarium, so that the plants may not grow properly despite sufficient fertilization with plant fertilizer. Here are the complete CO2 reusable sets Basic from Aqua-Noa, which bring with their equipment everything, to be able to supply the plants in the aquarium sufficiently with CO2.

All reusable CO2 complete sets Basic of Aqua-Noa include a CO2 refillable bottle in choosen size (ecxl. filling), stand, CO2 pressure reducer, CO2 diffuser, Bubble counter, Check valve etc. (depend on choosen set), as well as 2 meters of transparent CO2 tube and a wrench for montage the pressure reducer.
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AQUA-NOA - CO2 Complete Set Basic incl. refillable Bottle

Variants and technical Details

CO2 Complete Set 200 Basic 200 Basic M 400 Basic 400 Basic M 600 Basic 600 Basic M
Aquarium up to 200 l 250 l 400 l 400 l 600 l 600 l
Bottle variant reusable reusable reusable reusable reusable reusable
Bottle content 500 g 500 g 2000 g 2000 g 2000 g 2000 g
Incl. Filling
Bottle stand
Pressure reducer Basic M1 Basic M1 Basic 1 Basic M1 Basic 1 Basic 1
CO2 Shut-off valve Basic 1 Basic 1 Basic 1
CO2 Diffuser PS3 MM3 PM3 ML3 Glass XL Glass XL
Check valve
Bubble counter P P
CO2 Long term test
CO2 Check fluid 20 mg/l 20 mg/l 20 mg/l 20 mg/l 20 mg/l 20 mg/l
CO2 Hose clear, 2 m clear, 2 m clear, 2 m clear, 2 m clear, 2 m clear, 2 m
Montage Wrench
Article information
Manufacturer AQUA-NOA

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AQUA-NOA :: CO2 Complete Set reusable (Basic)
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