CO2 Drop Checker (long time check)

CO2 Checker
will check your CO2 level for a long time quickly and easily read CO2 color change shows CO2 value CO2 for a great water plant growth
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It is important to know the CO2 concentration in your aquarium. CO2 is not only added by the CO2... more
AQUA-NOACO2 Drop Checker (long time check)

It is important to know the CO2 concentration in your aquarium. CO2 is not only added by the CO2 injection system but also created inside the aquarium itself — fish and inverts breathe it out, the bacteria in the filter produce it and so on. It's not of importance if you have an aquascape or a planted tank, it is very hard to consider all the factors and the amounts of CO2 that are created in the tank, therefore we highly recommend the use of a permanent test that enables you to very easily read the actual CO2 concentration in your aquarium water.

Just fill the permanent CO2 test (Drop Checker) by AQUA-NOA half with CO2 indicator fluid and fasten it on the aquarium glass with the opening pointing down. A suction cup is part of the set. Depending on the CO2 content of the water, the indicator inside the AQUA-NOA permanent CO2 test (Drop Checker) will change color: When CO2 levels have reached the optimum, it will turn green. If there is not enough CO2 in the aquarium water, the fluid is blue, and when there is too much, the fluid will turn yellow.

Please note
The liquid CO2 indicator is not part of the scope of supply of the AQUA-NOA permanent CO2 test. You'll find it further below, under "Accessories".

AQUA-NOA - CO2 Drop Checker

Variants and technical details

CO2 Drop Checker height diameter
MT1 (Nano) 33 mm 23 mm
MT2 (Normal) 38 mm 29 mm
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Manufacturer AQUA-NOA

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AQUA-NOA :: CO2 Drop Checker (long time check)
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11 Aug 2020 • not verified

Funktioniert mehr Schlecht als Recht, der Dropcheck hält nicht im Saugnüppi und dreht sich.

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