CO2 Magnetic Valve Pro (night shut-off)

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noiseless CO2 shutdown (solenoid valve) only 1.6 W power consumption (0.8 W consumption) to control the CO2 addition in the aquarium Hose connections: nickel-plated brass
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With the help of a CO2 solenoid valve , you can control the pH by means of a CO2 injection... more
AQUA-NOACO2 Magnetic Valve Pro (night shut-off)

With the help of a CO2 solenoid valve, you can control the pH by means of a CO2 injection system, and in addition you can shut off the CO2 supply during the night.

In order to reach a certain pH in your aquarium water and to regulate with via the CO2 supply, you use a CO2 controller. This device measures the pH of the water with the help of a pH sensor, and the controller calculates whether CO2 needs to be added or not, depending on the settings you have chosen. The controller activates or deactivates the solenoid valve, which, in turn, regulates the CO2 supply.

During the night, plants do not require carbon dioxide, and therefore CO2 injection systems should be shut off when it's dark. This does not only reduce the amount of CO2 that is consumed, it also prevents CO2 from building up in the aquarium during the night. A night shut-off is easily realized with a solenoid valve running on a clock timer. Ideally, CO2 injection is synchronized with the aquarium light. Insert the solenoid valve into the CO2 hose between the pressure reducer and the CO2 diffusor. It is equipped with standard 4/6 mm hose connections.

Please note: You need to use a special CO2-tight pressure hose for connecting the pressure reducer with the solenoid valve.

All AQUA-NOA CO2 solenoid valves are made in Germany, and their main characteristics are:

- high reliability
- easy assembly
- only 0.8 watt power consumption, thanks to the patented diode circuit
- silent (hum-free)
- little heat generation
- 1.5 m connection cable
- 100% duty cycle (suitable for continuous operation)
- Hose connectors: nickel-plated brass
- closed when without current
- protective class IP65 (protected against hose water)

The AQUA-NOA Profi CO2 solenoid valves do not leave much to be desired.
If you do not need a modular design with the option of connecting additional components (such as CO2 distributors), the AQUA-NOA solenoid valves of the Basic series are a suitable solution.

AQUA-NOA - CO2 Magnetic Valve (night shut-off) Profi Series

Variants and technical details

Solenoid valve
LED lights
Check valve
Needle valve
Profi 1
Profi 1 LED
Profi 2
Profi 2 LED
Profi 3
Profi 3 LED
Profi 4
Profi 4 LED

The lit LED indicates the open state of the CO2 Solenoid valve Pro, i. CO2 gets into the aquarium.

Technical data
Power supply: 230V 50/60Hz
Current consumption: 1,6 Watt
Power consumption: 0,8 Watt
Insulation class: F (155 °C)
Protection class: IP65
DN: 1,2 mm, EPDM seal

Article information
Manufacturer AQUA-NOA

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AQUA-NOA :: CO2 Magnetic Valve Pro (night shut-off)
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