EasyHeater, 100W

Aquarium heater
robust, impact-resistant housing temperature range from 18-36ºC thermal circuit breaker flat, compact design

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The modern adjustable EASYHEATER  have a housing made of a special plastic material. This... more
AquaelEasyHeater, 100W

The modern adjustable EASYHEATER have a housing made of a special plastic material. This makes them virtually unbreakable and extremely robust, even against heavy blows and shocks. These heaters have a highly functional form: their flat, extremely compact design makes it easy to hide them inside the aquarium, and they are great for tanks with confined spaces.

The Aquael EASYHEATER have a practical, two-sided holder, which can be attached to just any aquarium glass. They can operate the EASYHEATER in a vertical as well as in a horizontal position, which gives you a myriad of possibilities to use them.

The target temperature can be adjusted precisely with the help of a large setting wheel with a highly ergonomic design. The temperature scale is imprinted along the edge of this wheel. It ranges from 17 to 36ºC. The automatic thermostat has a tolerance of ±1ºC. You can monitor the operation of the Aquael EASYHEATER thanks to three diodes on the upper and the front side of the heater. They light up automatically when the heater starts heating, and enable you to constantly monitor its function.

The Aquael adjustable EASYHEATER is equipped with a thermal circuit breaker, which ensures that the heater does not overheat when it is accidentally switched on outside of the water or runs dry during a water change or when the tank leaks. Thus, the risk of fire is drastically reduced as the heater switches off automatically. It will also switch the heater on automatically, but only after it has totally cooled down.

The plastic materials used in manufacturing the EASYHEATER housing prevent burns in fish or fishkeepers that come into contact with the heater as they conduct the heat correspondingly. (If you have skin contact with the heater you will feel it cool down immediately).

This adjustable Aquel EASYHEATER heater has a very high safety level.

Technical details
• 100 watts
• 60x30x210 mm
• recommended for aquaria with a volume of 60-100 liters

Article information
Manufacturer Aquael
Article number 103255
EAN number 5905546046701
Shipping weight 0,31 kg

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Aquael :: EasyHeater, 100W
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