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handy window cleaner with extension extendable up to 65 cm (screwable) perfect against algae on aquarium panes easy handling incl. blade pack

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With the Chihiros Pro Scraping algae scraper (pane cleaner) algae, that coverings on your... more
ChihirosScraper / Razor - Algae knife

With the Chihiros Pro Scraping algae scraper (pane cleaner) algae, that coverings on your aquarium panes, can be easily removed. Green algae and point algae like to grow on the brightly lit aquarium panes (especially on the front glass) and not only look ugly, they also affect the visibility in your Aquarium and the shrimp and fish.

The Chihiros Scraper / Razor algae scraper comes in three parts:
- the Scraper / Razor itself
- the extender part and
- the handle / end part

Overall, so when using Scraper, extension part and handle of the Chihiros Scaper / Razor panes cleaner comes to a total length of approx. 65 cm, making it perfect for also higher aquariums, without having to make half the arm wet. By using the individual scraper parts, the Chihiros panes algae scraper can be adjusted easily and simply to your desired length.

A set of matching blades (10 pcs.) for the Chihiros algae scraper is of course included in the set, so you can get started immediately to remove the annoying algae from your aquarium panes.

Name   Info
Scraper / Razor   lenght: 35 cm
Scraper head   width: 44 mm
Extender   lenght: 19,5 cm
Handle   lenght: 11,5 cm
Blades incl.   quantity: 10 pcs.
Article information
Manufacturer Chihiros
Article number GH-2001173
Shipping weight 0,2 kg

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Chihiros :: Scraper / Razor - Algae knife
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