caridina, issue 1/2010 (in German)

caridina, issue 1/2010 (in German)

Invertebrates in freshwater aquaria - Magazine
for all invert enthusiasts scene news all about shrimp, crayfish & Co. 4 issues per year

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caridina - Shrimp, crayfish & Co , The special magazin about invertebrates in freshwater... more
Dähne-Verlagcaridina, issue 1/2010 (in German)

caridina - Shrimp, crayfish & Co,
The special magazin about invertebrates in freshwater aquaria brings you information, hints and tips about shrimp, crayfish, crabs, snails and so on four times a year.

In this issue you will find the following topics:

Friedrich Bitter
Finding mosses
Fissidens mosses in Japan

Timo Kaltenbach
Tendency: rare
fun with American crayfish

Monika Rademacher
Born in Recklinghausen
breeding Nanosesarma spec.

Gerhard Ott
Diving for inverts
Aquarium inverts from another perspective

Werner Klotz
Harmless commensal or enemy?
Sucking worms as ectosymbionts on freshwater shrimp

Andreas Karge
Dwarf shrimp from Vietnam
part 1: searching for bumblebee shrimp

Red and white - internationally
Japanese shrimp breeders

Jiri Libus
Breeding Atyopsis moluccensis
living filters in our tanks

Procambarus clarkii

Invert magazine

in German
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Dähne-Verlag :: caridina, issue 1/2010 (in German)
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