caridina, issue 3/2009 (in German)

caridina, issue 3/2009 (in German)

Invertebrates in freshwater aquaria - Magazine
for all invert enthusiasts scene news all about shrimp, crayfish & Co. 4 issues per year

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caridina - Shrimp, crayfish & Co , The special magazin about invertebrates in freshwater... more
Dähne-Verlagcaridina, issue 3/2009 (in German)

caridina - Shrimp, crayfish & Co,
The special magazin about invertebrates in freshwater aquaria brings you information, hints and tips about shrimp, crayfish, crabs, snails and so on four times a year.

In this issue you will find the following topics:

Sharman Chou
Black Diamonds
high-bred shrimp from Taiwan take the hobby by storm

Andreas Karge
Pistol crayfish from freshwater habitats
Alpheus cyanoteles

Gerd Hessfeld
stinging nettles, a great invert food

Timo Kaltenbach
Brick, then crayfish
The "Red Brick" has been given the scientific name Cherax boesemanni

Oliver Zompro
Colored mussles from Asia
What you need to know

Werner Klotz
Science news
changes in the holotype of Macrobrachium rosenbergii

Michael Nadal
Dark shrimp
Neocaridina heteropoda, a shrimp with uncountable color variants and lots of potential

Monika Rademacher
Singular brood care
more than just beautiful colors: Geosesarma crabs

Alexandra Behrendt
A new Trumpet snail
Stenomelania torulosa is long and slim

Werner Klotz / Andreas Karge
Shrimp habitats in China
part 2: Hong Kong Island and the New Territories

Invert magazine

in German


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Dähne-Verlag :: caridina, issue 3/2009 (in German)
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