SPLASH - Aquarium magazine for kids (in German)

SPLASH - Aquarium magazine for kids (in German)

Aquarium magazin for kids
for kids and teens child-oriented in language and topics many different aquarium-related topics for ages 8 and above

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SPLASH - The new aquarium magazine for kids and teens, for ages 8 and above Child-oriented... more
Dähne-VerlagSPLASH - Aquarium magazine for kids (in German)

SPLASH - The new aquarium magazine for kids and teens, for ages 8 and above

Child-oriented in language and topics, nice-to-read texts and great pictures, with a package of brine shrimp eggs and care instructions for breeding your own brine shrimp, and a great crayfish and shrimp poster.

This first issue brings you the following topics (in German):

Where do the fish come from?
Ornamental fish in the aquarium from all over the world

From nature into our tanks
Aquatic plants often travel long distances

Knights and house-owners
Shrimp, snails and crayfish are fascinating aquarium inhabitants

The pleco
Ancistrus plecs can get over ten years old

Cool colors, many names
"Guppy shrimp" come in many colors

The neon tetra
This popular fish comes from South America and the Amazon

The million fish
The colorful guppis are very popular

Nothing doing without moss
lush green coral moss is great for small tanks

Nemo and friends
Marine tanks are a very special area of the aquatic hobby

Where to put a tank?
Choose the right place for your aquarium

Good water, bad water
Clear, healthy water is all-important for the aquarium animals

How many fish for my tank?
For fish to do well, don't overstock

Step by step
Setting up a tank

From the shop into the tank
Adapting fish correctly

What do fish eat?
Proper food for great health

Fish food
the long production process of fish food

Cows in a tank
Decorating a tank with toys

Fish home alone
How to keep your fish healthy during the holidays

Why does a tank need a filter?
Fish need clean water to stay healthy

Aquarium magazine
52 pages

In German

For more information, please go to » www.my-splash.de

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