Bucephalandra sp. Wavy Leaf - inVitro

Bucephalandra spec. "Wavy Leaf"
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rare beauty from Borneo robust and undemanding plant grows on driftwood and rocks forms dense cushions by and by

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The endemic genus Bucephalandra (here as inVitro plant) occurs only in Borneo and, like the... more
DennerleBucephalandra sp. Wavy Leaf - inVitro

The endemic genus Bucephalandra (here as inVitro plant) occurs only in Borneo and, like the Cryptocorynes and Anubias, belongs to the Arum family. The Bucephalandra is a very robust aquarium plant with a creeping rhizome (rhizome) and is ideal for binding to burl wood and stones. The Bucephalandra spec. "Wavy Leaf" inVitro is characterized by good growth and decorative beauty.

A Bucephalandra Wavy Leaf grows even with low illuminance and nutrient supply (CO2), making it particularly suitable for shady areas. However, it is not only suitable for this area, but also copes very well with light and then forms particularly beautiful and unusual colors. The Bucephalandra spec. "Wavy Leaf" inVitro has no special requirements for fertilization.

Plant type: rhizome plant
Origin: Borneo (endemic)
Growth rate: slow
Height of growth: approx. 3 - 8 cm
Light requirements: low
CO2 requirement: low

Before introducing them into the aquarium, rinse the nutrient medium from the roots under slightly running water. Afterwards, the Bucephalandra can be divided and tied, or placed at the desired location in the aquarium. By the way, the nutrient solution does not pose any danger to fish or wibellose, but should nevertheless be rinsed off as best as possible.

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Dennerle :: Bucephalandra sp. Wavy Leaf - inVitro
8 Nov 2020

Alles gut und frisch

21 Jun 2020

Schöne Pflanze.

2 Mar 2020

Tolle Pflanze

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