Nymphoides spec. Taiwan - inVitro

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free from snails and algae forms many submersed leaves undemanding plant ideal for larger tanks

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Dennerle inVitro plants are cultivated under sterile conditions in their aquatic plant nursery,... more
DennerleNymphoides spec. Taiwan - inVitro

Dennerle inVitro plants are cultivated under sterile conditions in their aquatic plant nursery, and they are 100% free from algae and snails. The plants come in a 7 cm cup with nutrient gel, which needs to be rinsed off before planting.

In contrast to many other species of the genus Nymphoides with floating leaves, this species only forms underwater leaves. They are highly decorative and of an intense light green, and they contrast nicely against other green or colored aquarium plants. The origins of this species are still not absolutely known — it was first imported via Taiwan, which has given this undemanding water lily it its variety name.

Area of origin: South-east Asia
Area in the aquarium: Midground
Height: up to 40 cm
Light: medium - very strong
Temperature: 18 - 30 °C
Water hardness: very soft - hard
pH value: 6 - 8
CO2: 10 - 30 mg/l
Growth: medium
Difficulty: EASY
Dennerle-No: N88

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Customer evaluation
Dennerle :: Nymphoides spec. Taiwan - inVitro
27 Dec 2016

Es ist das erste Mal, dass ich mir inVitro Pflanzen gekauft bzw. bestellt habe. Ich bin von dieser Pflanze positiv überrascht. Es sind viele kleine Pflänzchen im Topf und sie wachsen schon nach einigen Tagen gut. Würde diese Pflanze sicher wiederkaufen.

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