Green Lace shrimp

Atyoida pilipes
small cute fan shrimp sits in the current majestically filters the water for floating detritus with its fans grows to a size of up to 5 cm

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The Green Lace shrimp (Atyoida pilipes) is a rather small fan shrimp species. It grows to only 5... more
GarnelenhausGreen Lace shrimp

The Green Lace shrimp (Atyoida pilipes) is a rather small fan shrimp species. It grows to only 5 cm in size. Green Lace shrimp come from oxygen-rich little streams and small rivers in South-East Asia, where it filters small floating débris from the current. These shrimp are also actively searching for food and grazing on surfaces in the tank.

Green Lace shrimp love to sit in the current, holding out their long bristly fans, which they use to filter plancton from the water. From time to time they strip off the débris they caught from the water with their mandibles. A good current and suitable food (powdered food, small frozen food like copepods etc.) are crucial for successfully and appropriately keeping fan shrimp.

The size of Green Lace shrimp and their agility make a larger tank of at least 54 litres a must. Apart from the strong current we have already mentioned, fan shrimp do not have any special requirements regarding the aquarium decoration. A few pieces of driftwood or rocks and maybe some caves ought to be provided, but you can basically set up their tank as you please. They love to sit on pieces of driftwood standing in the current or rising up into the flow area.

Green Lace shrimp are quite variable when it comes to colour. Their basic colour usually is light brown, beige, greenish, or transparent. Their dotted pattern is, as a rule, of a dark brown. Green Lace shrimp can be socialized with other peaceful shrimp or small, not overly agile fish, without any problems.

These shrimp cannot be bred in fresh water, as the larvae that hatch from their eggs, need salt water to develop, as do all the larvae of primitive reproductive shrimp types. Raising these larvae in salt water is very difficult and is not often attempted.

Our tip for keeping Green Lace shrimp!
Green Lace shrimp feel the happiest when the pH is between 6.5 and 7.8, a total hardness of 6 -14° dGH (German hardness) and a carbonate hardness of 4 - 8 ° dKH (German hardness). The temperature should be between 20 and 25 ° C ... powdered food (powdered Spirulina, copepods, ground-up food tabs and so on) contributes to heathly, vital, happy shrimp.

(   )  bred by us
(   )  bred in Germany
(   )  bred internationally
(✔)  collected from nature

Data and water parameters
Size up to 6 cm
Age unknown
Behaviour very peaceful
Temperature 20 - 27 °C
pH 6.0 - 8.0
Total hardness
up to 20° dGh
Carbonate hardness up to 12° dKh
Food floating particles

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Manufacturer Garnelenhaus
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EAN number 80003793
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Customer evaluation
Garnelenhaus :: Green Lace shrimp
11 May 2021

Sehr schöne Tiere. Sind alle gesund und munter bei mir angekommen. Ein großes Lob an die beteiligten Mitarbeiter. Ihr seid die Besten.

7 Apr 2021

Sehr schöne mobile Garnelen, schön zu beobachten

26 Jan 2016

Sehr hübsch, da sie einen zarten rotbraun Ton haben. Eine ist noch schüchtern, die anderen wagen sich langsam raus. Dank Sonderausstellung haben sie auch den Versand gut überstanden.

1 Jan 2016

Sehr schöne Tiere, sofort aktiv. Haben das umsetzen gut überstanden.

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