Princess Bee (Vietnam)

Paracaridina spec.
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very peaceful from Vietnam great pattern suitable for nano aquaria

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The Princess Bee from Vietnam can grow to a maximal body length of 3 cm and reach an age of... more
GarnelenhausPrincess Bee (Vietnam)

The Princess Bee from Vietnam can grow to a maximal body length of 3 cm and reach an age of around 2 years. The males stay slightly smaller than the females and do not get as plump.

The Princess Bee, like most freshwater shrimp, is an omnivore and will eat just about any food. The species is very peaceful, other aquarium inhabitants have nothing to fear from them. You can easily keep them together with fish that do not predate on shrimp.

Princess Bee shrimp do not have any special requirements regarding the aquarium decoration ... here you can use your imagination freely. The shrimp are happy with a little moss and driftwood ... and if there are some hiding-places like tubes or brown autumn leaves (oak or beech) in the tank, your Princess Bee will have everything they need.

When Princess Bee shrimp have adapted to their environment and when they are happy, the females will relase up to 30 fully developed shrimplets every 5 to 6 weeks. In well-planted tanks with lots of places to hide, some of the young shrimp will even grow up in the presence of fish.

Our tip for keeping Princess Bees!
Princess Bee shrimp feel the happiest when the pH is between 6 and 7, a total hardness of 5 - 8° dGH (German hardness) and a carbonate hardness of 0 - 4° dKH (German hardness). The temperature should be between 18 and 22° C ... varied food (predominantly of vegetable origin, and frozen food fed sparingly) contributes to heathly, vital, happy shrimp.

(   )  bred by us
(   )  bred in Germany
(✔)  bred internationally
(   )  collected from nature

Data and water parameters
Size up to 3 cm
Age up to 2 years
Behaviour very peaceful
Temperature 15 - 25 °C
pH 6.0 - 7.5
Total hardness
up to 12° dGh
Carbonate hardness
up to 18° dKh
Food omnivore

Article information
Manufacturer Garnelenhaus
Article number PB-K0
EAN number 80003212
Shipping weight 0,15 kg

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Garnelenhaus :: Princess Bee (Vietnam)
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