Racoon Tiger Shrimp

Caridina spec.
beautiful spot and stripe pattern very friendly and with 2,5 cm rather small easy to keep and care suitable for nano aquariums

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The most prominent characteristic of Racoon Tiger shrimp is their variable dotted and... more
GarnelenhausRacoon Tiger Shrimp
The most prominent characteristic of Racoon Tiger shrimp is their variable dotted and striped pattern all over their body. A bit like that of the Tiger shrimp as we know it, but the dots are very different … Racoon Tiger shrimp grow to a length of up to 2,5 cm and can reach an age of around two years. The males tend to stay smaller and thinner. In nature, Racoon Tiger shrimp are found in smaller streams and surrounding flooded grassland and reeds.

The basic color of the Racoon Tiger shrimp is transparent (sometimes blueish), and on the sides of its body there are brown to black dots and stripes. In some of these shrimp you'll notice tiny white pigment spots, and their tail fan often has a yellowish to orange color.

Like most dwarf shrimp, the Racoon Tiger shrimp (Caridina spec.) is an omnivore and an absolutely peaceful species. Conspecifics and other aquarium inhabitants have nothing to fear from them. They can be kept together with small peaceful fish that do not eat shrimp.

Racoon Tiger shrimp do not have any special requirements when it comes to the aquarium setup, you can decorate the tank as you please. They are happy with a little moss and some pieces of driftwood … and if you put in some hideouts like tubes, or brown leaves (oak or beech), your Racoon Tigers will be absolutely happy.

When the Racoon Tiger shrimp have acclimatized themselves to the tank and are well, the females will release between 20 and 40 almost fully developed young shrimp every five to six weeks. In a well-planted tank (hiding-spots), some of the offspring will even grow to adulthood if there are fish. In the beginning, the dots and stripes are hardly visible, they become more prominent when the shrimp grow older.
In our experience, the reproduction rate give above is reached when the conditions are nearly perfect. As a rule, you can count on a batch of shrimplets every 2-3 months, and not all of the young shrimp will survive and reach adulthood. It is rather improbable that the Racoon Tigers overpopulate the tank after a short time.

Our tip for keeping Racoon Tiger Shrimp!
Racoon Tiger feel the happiest when the pH is between 5,5 and 7,5, a total hardness of 8° dGH (German hardness) and a carbonate hardness of 0 - 3° dKH (German hardness). The temperature should be between 18 and 22° C ... varied food (predominantly of vegetable origin, and frozen food fed sparingly) contributes to heathly, vital, happy shrimp.

(   )  bred by us
(   )  bred in Germany
(✔)  bred internationally
(   )  collected from nature

Data and water parameters
Size up to 2,5 cm
Age up to approx. 2 years
Behaviour very peaceful
Temperature 15 - 25 °C
pH-value 5,5 - 7,5
Total hardness up to 12° dGh
Carbonate hardness up to 5° dKh
Food omnivore
Article information
Manufacturer Garnelenhaus
Article number TG-RACO
EAN number 80003533
Shipping weight 0,15 kg

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Customer evaluation
Garnelenhaus :: Racoon Tiger Shrimp
11 Oct 2020

Faszinierende kleine Tiere, alle sind gesund und super aktiv.

11 May 2018

Sehr schöne Garnele und tolle Farbgebung. Genau wie auf dem Foto. Haben sich bereits gut eingelebt

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