Tylomelania spec. (Yellow Poso)

Tylomelania spec.
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imposing snail from Sulawesi eats algae and dig in the substrate viviparous type of snail quite uncomplicated to keep

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The yellow/black Tylomelania comes from Lake Poso on the island of Sulawesi,... more
GarnelenhausTylomelania spec. (Yellow Poso)

The yellow/black Tylomelania comes from Lake Poso on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Usually it has a dark brown shell that fades to light brown/beige towards the apex. Its body is usually yellow/black, yellowish or whitish/black.

Tylomelania spec. loves to dig in the mud, eating any dead plant parts it finds there. In addition, it should be fed with powdered food and all kinds of tablet food.

The Tylomelania spec. yellow/black are active snails and crawl around in the tank a lot, however, from time to time they will take a short break and rest. They can be kept together with shrimp and fish that do not predate on snails without any problems. Tylomelania spec. may grow up to a shell size of around 12 cm, and the females release one young snail now and then every 4 - 8 weeks.

In their natural habitat, the pH of the water is around 7.9 - 8.5, and temperatures are constantly above 26 °C. This makes this orange Tylomelania spec. an ideal companion for shrimp from the same region (like e.g. Freshwater Cardinal shrimp).

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details and water parameters
Size to 12 cm
Age to 5 years
Verhalten dig in substrate
Temperature 25 - 31 °C
pH-value 7,5 - 8,5
Total hardness to 14° dGh
Karbonate hardness to 8° dKh
Food omnivore


The housing of the snails show more or less "defects", or lighter housing damage. This is not an indication regarding lack of care or inadequate keeping conditions ... in the natural habitat almost all snails have such defects, whereby the snails have no problems whatsoever. In the aquarium, with good mineral supply, this can reduce a bit again.

Article information
Manufacturer Garnelenhaus
Article number PHS-SG
EAN number 80002130
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Garnelenhaus :: Tylomelania spec. (Yellow Poso)
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11 Jul 2023 • not verified

Schöne große Tiere erhalten, aber eines leider tot!!!

14 Aug 2022 • not verified

Die 3 Bestellten Tiere sind gut angekommen waren super Verpackt und sind nach dem einsetzen auch sofort auf Erkundungstour gegangen .

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Hier zu hatte ich am 17.07.2020 eine Email am Hello@garnelenhaus gesendet und keine Antwort erhalten. Sehr schade.

Answer from 25 Jul 2020

Moin Tanja,
das wunder nicht, denn unsere eMailadresse ist, nicht hello... Gerne sind wir auch Mo-Fr. von 8:00-16:00 Uhr telefonisch für unsere Kunden da.

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16 Jan 2020 • not verified

Prima Ware

26 Apr 2018 • not verified

Wunderschöne Schnecke!

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