Polytase, 100 ml

Polytase, 100 ml

Complementary food for shrimp larvae
boosts the immune system optimizes digestion stabilizes the bacterial fauna measuring spoon included

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Genchem Polytase enhances the immune system as well as the digestive system. Food is... more
GenchemPolytase, 100 ml
  • Genchem Polytase enhances the immune system as well as the digestive system. Food is digested better when Polytase is added.

Polytase contains enzymes that can enhance digestion and essential food for shrimp larvae or baby shrimp and crayfish and helps them through their first days. The fine powder enables larvae or baby shrimp to efficiently eat and easily digest Genchem Polytase.

Genchem Polytase improves and enhances the metabolic processes and the digestive system of larvae and baby shrimp, stabilizes the bacterial fauna in the water and prevents the formation of nitrite, which would be deadly for them. Lowers the ammonia and nitrite content of the water, improves the water quality.

For shrimp of the prolonged, partially abbreviated and abbreviated type.
Add 1 measuring spoon per 100 litres per week when the larvae have hatched.

Protein extracts of vegetable origin, Spirulina algae, yeast, malt

Bacillus subtilis subsp. natto

100 ml (equivalent 50 g)
Recloseable aroma bag

Produced by
Wallance Pharmaceutical Co., LTD

Article information
Manufacturer Genchem
Article number GE-POLYT-100
EAN number 4260344241064
Content 100 ml
Shipping weight 0,06 kg

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Customer evaluation
Genchem :: Polytase, 100 ml
5 Oct 2016

Super Produkt, meine Tierchen mögen es und man sieht dass die auch toll ranwachsen

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