Black Alder leaves

Alnus glutinosa
carefully handpicked and selected looks interesting into an aquarium popular food change for shrimps 30 pieces in resealable zip bag
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Black alder leaves are a popular food change for shrimps, crayfish, crabs and even snails into... more
GH-GOODSBlack Alder leaves

Black alder leaves are a popular food change for shrimps, crayfish, crabs and even snails into your aquarium. For aquarists who like to add their own feed mixtures also natural products, the Black alder leaves are perfect. The effect of black alder - especially the cones - is well known and very popular in aquaristics.

The black alder leaves were harvested directly from the tree in the Blackforest and not collected from the ground. This ensures optimal quality of our black alder leaves.


Our tip
At first, black alder leaves will float, sometimes for a few days, before they sink.
You can accelerate this process by soaking the black alder leaves in some boiling water or by stuffing them under a piece of driftwood.

If you have lots of black alder leaves in your tank the pH may decrease a bit.
The leaves of the black alder may stain the water with a yellow or brownish tint (but transparent). These effects will soon cease, though.

Country of origin

Every 1-2 weeks one black alder leaf to about 20 liters. The old black alder leaves can remain in the aquarium until they are completely devoured or decomposed.

Content & Delivery
The Nano variant of our Black alder leaves are max. 5 cm in size.
Our Black alder leaves become delivered in the reclosable zip bag for best freshness.

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Manufacturer GH-GOODS

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GH-GOODS :: Black Alder leaves
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