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The leaves of the deadnettle are similar to those of the stinging nettle, although belong to a... more

The leaves of the deadnettle are similar to those of the stinging nettle, although belong to a different genus of plants, but are eaten by the shrimp, crayfish and snails just as much. The deadnettle develops, in contrast to stinging nettles, larger white and yellow flowers.

The dead-nettle leaves naturally have a fairly soft consistency, but they soften under water, so the shrimps and crayfish usually make a quick run over them and leave nothing behind them except the leaf skeleton. A real pleasure to watch the shrimps eating the deadnettle leaves... ;o) 

Our deadnettle leaves were collected by hand and gently air-dried after collecting.

Our Tip
The deadnettle leaves start to swim on the surface of the water and only will sink after a few days.
The leaves of the dead nettle but can be well fixed on the ground by using of a little stone, or you brew the dead nettle leaves briefly with hot water.

The deadnettle leaves can simply be placed directly in the aquarium. The leaves get a soft leaf structure over time and are then eaten by the shrimp, crayfish and snails. Deadnettle leaves can be left in the aquarium until completely eaten by the shrimp and crayfish.

Depending on the number of shrimp in the aquarium we recommend to start with a small portion. If necessary, then something some more can be fed...
As a small guideline here would be about 1 - 2 deadnettle leaves on 10 - 20 shrimp, or 2-4 dwarf crayfish.

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10 pcs. deadnettle leaves - withe, dried in resealable zip bag
10 pcs. deadnettle leaves - yellow, dried in resealable zip bag

The leaves of the dead nettle are quite brittle in the dried state and it is unfortunately not enough, that not only whole and unbroken leaves can be delivered in the package. However, this does not affect the quality of the dead nettle leaves.

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GH-GOODS :: Deadnettle
24 Sep 2020

Kommen seeeeehr gut an bei den Garnelen und Schneckchen. Gute Alternative zu Brennessel.

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