Hazelnut leaves

Natural product - Corylus avellana
100% natural hazelnut leaves Handpicked and dried gently great natural product for your shrimp nice look and hiding place
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Hazelnut leaves contain valuable and important minerals (including calcium), trace elements,... more
GH-GOODSHazelnut leaves

Hazelnut leaves contain valuable and important minerals (including calcium), trace elements, flavonoids and tannins for vital shrimp, crabs, snails and even ornamental fish. The Hazelnut leaves that decompose over time are eaten by the shrimp and crabs. The microorganisms and microorganisms present in the decomposition of the Hazelnut leaves also serve the shrimp as a weighty food base.

The Hazelnut leaves can also be used preventatively to prevent injuries, fungal infections and bacterial infections. The flavonoids and tannins contained in the Hazelnut leaves contribute to the well-being of shrimp and crabs and, in particular, the tannins can have a positive effect on the quality of the water.

The Hazelnut leaves were harvested directly from the tree in the forest and not collected from the ground. This ensures optimal quality of our Hazelnut leaves.
Our Hazelnut leaves are a natural product that is 100% natural and untreated.

Available packing sizes / Content (please choose above)
10 pcs. - Pack, green, approx. 3-10 cm
10 pcs. - Pack, green, XXL, approx. 8-16 cm
20 pcs. - Pack, green, NANO, approx. 1-5 cm
20 pcs. - Pack, red, approx. 3-10 cm
30 pcs. - Pack, green, approx. 3-10 cm

Since Hazelnut leaves are a natural product, the appearance, shape and size of each package may vary slightly.

Our Tip
The foliage of the Hazelnut swims to the beginning and sometimes disappears after a few days.
You can accelerate the process by brewing the Hazelnut leaves with boiling water or by clamping it under water.

With a lot of Hazelnut leaves in an aquarium, the pH can be lowered slightly. The effect is lost but quite quickly.

Every 1-2 weeks and depending on the number of shrimp / crayfish and selected size of leaves 1-3 Hazelnut leaves to about 20 liters.
The old Hazelnut leaves can remain in the aquarium until completely eaten or decomposed.

For a good freshness and quality, the Hazelnut leaves come in a resealable zip bag.


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GH-GOODS :: Hazelnut leaves
29 Dec 2019

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