Raspberry leaves

Natural product - Rubus idaeus
rich in antiseptic substances very popular with shrimp & Co. gently air-dried support against bacteria / fungus
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Raspberry leaves have long been highly valued in Asian medicine because of its anti-bacterial... more
GH-GOODSRaspberry leaves

Raspberry leaves have long been highly valued in Asian medicine because of its anti-bacterial and antifungal effects. Raspberry leaves are very rich in antiseptic substances, which can cause a reduction in the total number of bacteria in the aquarium water.

Raspberry leaves can reduce bacterial growth and fungal development through the presence of antiseptic substances and thus have a positive effect on the water quality in the aquarium. Furthermore, the relatively soft leaves of raspberry - Rubus idaeus like to be eaten by shrimp, crayfish, crabs and snails and thus serve in your aquarium as an additional, valuable supplement to your aquarium inhabitants.

Our Raspberry leaves are 100% natural, untreated and gently dried in the air.

Our Tip
The Raspberry leaves initially float on the surface of the water and only will sink after a few days.
The leaves of the Raspberry can be well fixed on the ground by using of e.g. a small stone or similar.

The Raspberry leaves can simply be placed directly in the aquarium. Over a period of about 1-3 weeks the Raspberry leaves release the ingredients to the aquarium water. After this period, the Raspberry leaves can either be taken out of the aquarium, or exchanged or simply left in the aquarium. The shrimp, crayfish and snails like to eat the Raspberry leaves, which decompose over time.

For general application, add about 1-2 Raspberry leaves to 30 liters of aquarium water... depending of the quantity of Shrimp, Snails or Crayfish.

Dried Raspberry leaves in resealable zip-bag.

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GH-GOODS :: Raspberry leaves
8 Nov 2020

Kamen gut bei den kleinen an.

1 Oct 2020

Gutes Produkt

14 Aug 2020

Mögen meine Garnelen sehr gerne!

7 Apr 2020

Schöne kleine Blätter

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