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Moringa Oleifera micronized, 30g

Complete feed for ornamental shrimp
high vitamin and mineral content with micronized food particles easy to dose contains 18 essential amino acids

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GT essentials Moringa Oleifera is a main food for ornamental shrimp (powdered food).... more
GT essentialsMoringa Oleifera micronized, 30g
GT essentials Moringa Oleifera is a main food for ornamental shrimp (powdered food).

Oleifera Moringa (also known as horseradish tree) is one of the most nutritious plants in the world. The valuable nutrients and vital substances are in the leaves.

  • contains an incredible number of various vitamins, trace elements and minerals
  • the leaves of Moringa oleifera are considered to be the most nutritious vegetable product known in the world
  • powdered leaves of Moringa oleifera contain 18 of the around 20 known essential amino acids (cannot be produced by the body but need to be ingested)
  • the naturally high content of zeatin prevents the nutrients from breaking down (like a natural conservant)
  • pure natural product (highest possible quality), no additives
  • especially micronized so newly hatched shrimp can eat the food
  • high nutrient density, positive effect on digestion (improved nutrient uptake for all feeds that are fed afterwards)
  • easy to dose

Feeding recommendation
1-2 times per week 0,05 g per 15 shrimp (0,05 g correspond to one even filling of the dosage spoon included). Re-seal package after use.

15,9% crude ash, 27,4% crude protein, 2,6% crude fat, crude fibre 8,9%

Food form
super-fine micronized powder

Content: 30g

Dosage spoon included

Manufacturers no.: DEBW436025
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Manufacturer GT essentials
Article number GTE-1771
EAN number 4251022717711
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GT essentials :: Moringa Oleifera micronized, 30g
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24 Aug 2021 • not verified

Ich wollte von Spirulina weg und wollte mehr auf natürliches Futter setzen. Da sind viele Vitamine und Spurenelemente drin. Meine Garnelen und Schnecken bedanken sich.

7 Nov 2019 • not verified

Die Wirkung ist nach so kurzer Zeit SCHWER einzuschätzen.
Die Verteilung im Becken findet wie bei Bacter AE statt.
Auf die Langzeitwirkung bin ich sehr gespannt!

Ich habe auf jeden Fall den Eindruck eine perfekte Ergänzung der Bacter AE gefunden zu haben.
Der hohe Preis, naja abwarten wie es in ein paar Wochen aussieht

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