Fächerfeed Filter Shrimp Feed, 30g

Complete feed for ornamental shrimp
Made in Germany contains everything Shrimps need gently produced guaranteed free of fishmeal

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The biologically highly beneficial main feed for fan shrimp NatureHolic Fächerfeed is finely... more
NatureHolicFächerfeed Filter Shrimp Feed, 30g
The biologically highly beneficial main feed for fan shrimp NatureHolic Fächerfeed is finely ground and has been designed with the special requirements of fan shrimp in mind. It contains krill, Moringa and Dunaliella salina as well as a special blend of biologically available organic mineral compounds. It is guaranteed to be free from fishmeal and other low-quality animal meals.

In nature, the highly specialized fan shrimp live in river sections with a very strong current. There they use their strong, thorny legs to hold onto pebbles and their fan-like front legs to collect food particles that are floating in the current. The stomach content of fan shrimp collected from the wild is very rich in protein. This food takes account of this fact. The uncommonly high fat content of 11% of NatureHolic Fächerfeed is an adaptation to the enormous amount of energy the current-loving fan shrimp need.

The proteins contained in this food come from invertebrates, microorganisms and algae. For this reason, Fächerfeed is high in chitin, which is highly favorable for fan shrimp as it helps them with the formation of their new shell, and also in the growth and molting hormone ecdysone. Furthermore, NatureHolic adds a mixture of brewer's yeast and draff, with an exorbitant content of natural bittering agents, nucleotides (the stuff nucleic acids are made of) and the phospholipid lecithin. The algae Spirulina and Dunaliella salina and the leaves of the Moringa tree add natural vitamins, minerals and secondary phytochemicals, especially carotenoids.

As in all NatureHolic invert feeds, a special blend of trace elements and vitamins is used in Fächerfeed, which contains organic minerals that are biologically available immediately and can thus be used by the organism right away. We highly recommend you add a targeted mineral supplementation twice a week, by using NatureHolic Mineralfeed for your fan shrimp.
We recommend the use of a small syringe with which a mixture of Fächerfeed and some aquarium water can be added to the aquarium where the Filter Shrimp are sitting.

Feeding recommendation
Feed an amount that is eaten within a few minutes 1-2 times per day.

Insects (24% Hermetia larvae), vegetable by-products, vegetables (amongst others, 3% Moringa oleifera), mollusks and crustaceans (amongst others, 12% shrimp, 5% krill), bacterial protein of Corynebacterium glutamicum, protein of vegetable origin, oils and fats, yeasts (amongst others, 0.15% mannan-oligosaccharides, 0.05% beta-glucans), algae, fruit

Store at room temperature, cooling is unnecessary.
Not intended for human consumption! Keep away from children!

Content: 30 g
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Manufacturer NatureHolic
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Content 30 g
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NatureHolic :: Fächerfeed Filter Shrimp Feed, 30g
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