Mainfeed Shrimp Feed, 30g

Complete feed for ornamental shrimp
Made in Germany gently produced contains everything Shrimp need without fishmeal

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The pulpy Mainfeed Softpads by NatureHolic have been designed for daily feeding. They contain... more
NatureHolicMainfeed Shrimp Feed, 30g
The pulpy Mainfeed Softpads by NatureHolic have been designed for daily feeding. They contain all the nutrients shrimp need for building their shell, for forming their eggs and for growing. The manufacturing process is gentle and environmentally responsible and preserves practically all the vitamins and other beneficial ingredients.

NatureHolic deliberately renounces the use of fishmeal and works with insects and bacterial protein sources instead. Besides proteins, insects also supply chitin, which is highly beneficial for shrimp as they can use it directly for building their shell.

Beneficial Spirulina bacteria, dandelion leaves, Chlorella algae and kelp containing iodine add vital substances like vitamins, provitamins, trace elements and secondary phytochemicals. Hydrolyzed rice is the main source of energy. Gently dried brewer's yeast contains nucleotids and lecithine - the driving force behind many energetic processes in an organism.

To supply minerals, NatureHolic uses the well-known sheet silicate montmorillonite, which can have a regulating effect on digestion, too.

To prevent vitamin deficiencies, a vitamin mix has been added, too: vitamin D3 for the calcium metabolism, vitamin A for the formation of the subcutis and the eggs, for boosting the immune system and especially as a protection against reactive molecules (antioxidant), vitamin E for the fat metabolism and for an enhanced molting process. As an antagonist to intestinal pathogens, NatureHolic uses chitosan. Beta-Glucans and mannan-oligosaccarides are used as highly efficient immunostimulants.

Feeding recommendation
Feed an amount that is eaten within a few minutes 1-2 times per day. Feed sparingly, as a rule, a pad with 5 mm length is sufficient for 15-25 shrimp.

Vegetable by-products, insects, algae (10% Spirulina platensis, 5% kelp, 5% Chlorella vulgaris), grain, vegetables (5% dandelion leaves), bacterial protein from Corynebacterium glutamicum minerals (100% montmorillonite), yeasts (0.1% beta-glucans, 0.1% mannan-oligosaccharides)

Store at room temperature, cooling is unnecessary.
Not intended for human consumption! Keep away from children!

Content: 30 g
Article information
Manufacturer NatureHolic
Article number N0353
EAN number 4251051900351
Content 30 g
Shipping weight 0,07 kg

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Customer evaluation
NatureHolic :: Mainfeed Shrimp Feed, 30g
1 Jul 2020

Sind meine Garnelen bisher nicht beigegangen. Ich werde es nochmal in einer Woche versuchen, wenn sie dann auch das Futter komplett ignorieren, werde ich ein anderes Futter versuchen.

14 Nov 2018

Meine Garnelen lieben es! Das Futter wird in einer Schale ins Aquarium eingebracht und nach ca. 2 Stunden wieder entfernt.
Was ich hier nicht richtig kapiere ist die Fütterungsempfehlung:
Füttern Sie 1-2 täglich so viel, wie die Tiere in wenigen Minuten aufnehmen.
Nach wenigen Minuten haben es die meisten meiner Garnelen noch gar nicht gerafft, was da im Wasser ist.
Ich vermute mal, das da gemeint ist, simpel ausgedrückt, man soll sie nicht überfüttern, sicher bin ich mir da nicht.
Eine Fütterungsempfehlung könnte man durchaus schon genauer formulieren;-)

24 May 2018

Wird von meinen Garnelen Top angenommen. Die Tiere stürzen sich regelrecht darauf!

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