MineralCubes "Vitamine Power"

Complementary food for invertebrates
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for the supply of minerals does not pollute the water with valuable vegetables also ideal as holiday food

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The new NatureHolic MineralCubes "Vitamine Power" are an innovative solution how to provide your... more
NatureHolicMineralCubes "Vitamine Power"
The new NatureHolic MineralCubes "Vitamine Power" are an innovative solution how to provide your invertebrates like shrimp, snails, crayfish and crabs with minerals.

However, the Mineralcube "Vitamine Power" does not only supply your inverts with a well-balanced blend of the minerals they need, it is also a great holiday food for all invertebrates and helps you feed your aquarium inhabitants if you need to go away for a few days. Your shrimp, snails and crayfish can feed on the Vitamine Mineralcube for up to seven days, as the cube contains yummy vegetables besides the minerals. Thanks to its special formula, the MineralCube releases the food only bit by bit, with no negative impact on the water quality.

The use is simple: just place the Cubes into your tank. The minerals are slowly given off to the water.

Snails and shrimp actively feed on the cubes to take up the minerals they need. The additional mineral supply enables snails to repair small damages on their shells, like tiny holes or cracks, from the inside. The presence of minerals can help prevent shell damage before it appears.

MineralCubes can be used on the land part or in the water in a crab terrarium, too. Cubes containing vegetables are recommended for omnivorous crabs.

1 MineralCube to 10 l of aquarium volume

Minerals, vegetables

Store at room temperature, cooling is unnecessary.
Not intended for human consumption! Keep away from children!

Content: 15 pcs / 14 g
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Manufacturer NatureHolic
Article number NHM3
EAN number 7426796192768
Content 15 pcs.
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NatureHolic :: MineralCubes "Vitamine Power"
19 May 2021

Just received the product and fed my shrimps. This is one of the best (if not the best) product i used. Great!!

10 Feb 2021

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