Mineralfeed Shrimp Feed, 30g

Complementary food for ornamental shrimp
Mineral Food for Shrimp Made in Germany or targeted food supplementation gently produced

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Shrimp, crayfish and crabs need minerals and trace elements to build their shell and to go... more
NatureHolicMineralfeed Shrimp Feed, 30g
Shrimp, crayfish and crabs need minerals and trace elements to build their shell and to go through the molting process safely. These substances are also important for growth, egg production and egg quality, blood formation and a well-functioning immune system, their importance cannot be exaggerated. Feeding your crustaceans with Natureholic Mineralfeed twice a week to supply them specifically with minerals and trace elements therefore makes a lot of sense.

But not only shrimp, crayfish and crabs depend on a steady mineral supply, snails also need minerals and trace elements for a well-functioning metabolism, immune system, egg formation and especially to build their shell. Differently from shrimp they are also able to take them up from the water. However, they need an extra supply of minerals and trace elements through their food when living in an aquarium with a pH of under 7 and a total hardness (°dGH) of under 10, as would be the case in a typical soft-water aquarium for Bee or Taiwan Bee shrimp. In aquaria with active soil substrates, snails have a tough life, too, as the soil continually absorbs the carbonate compounds they depend on for building their shell. Especially the high calcium content of Mineralfeed helps your snails with shell formation.

NatureHolic Mineralfeed contains, in addition, organic mineral compounds. They can be absorbed and used by the organism directly, without the need to break them down first. Besides a well-balanced blend of minerals and trace elements, Natureholic Mineralfeed also contains the sheet silicate montmorillonite. It can act as ion exchanger, thus also supplying minerals and trace elements and binding to toxins and pathogens, which may have a positive influence on the intestinal flora. Furthermore, montmorillonite can have a regulative effect on digestion and influences the time the food remains in the bowels. Most inverts just love peas, which give this food a high acceptance. Furthermore, peas contain highly digestible vegetable proteins.

Feeding recommendation
Feed an amount that is eaten within a few minutes 1-2 times per day.
Feed sparingly, as a rule, a pad with 5 mm length is sufficient for 15-25 shrimp.

Vegetable by-products, vegetables, minerals (10% montmorillonite, 10% calcium phosphate)

Store at room temperature, cooling is unnecessary.
Not intended for human consumption! Keep away from children!

Content: 30 g
Article information
Manufacturer NatureHolic
Article number N0320
EAN number 4251051900320
Content 30 g
Shipping weight 0,07 kg

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Customer evaluation
NatureHolic :: Mineralfeed Shrimp Feed, 30g
19 Nov 2018

Gesundes Garnelen extasy Pur
meine Garnelen lieben es

Besonders positiv es löst sich nicht auf
und es wirkt sich auch positiv auf das gehäuse von Rennschnecken und Turmdeckelschnecken aus

Kann ich nur empfehlen

9 Oct 2018

Super- Futter und es scheint die neue Lieblingsnahrung meiner Garnelen zu werden.

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