Red Bee Shrimp, Vol. 7 (in Japanese)

Red Bee Shrimp, Vol. 7 (in Japanese)

seventh edition numerous practical tips Japanese magazine for enthusiasts fascinating, detailed photos

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Red Bee Shrimp, Volume 7 , Japanese magazine for Red Bee Shrimp lovers ... On a good 125... more
PiscesRed Bee Shrimp, Vol. 7 (in Japanese)

Red Bee Shrimp, Volume 7,
Japanese magazine for Red Bee Shrimp lovers ...

On a good 125 pages, this Japanese magazine has great articles and fascinating photos of Red and Black Bee shrimp.

In this issue you can find the following topics:

Term Dictionary - Red Bee Special
various terms referring to dwarf shrimp are explained, 18 pages

We are Bee Shrimp Keepers
private Bee shrimp keepers are presented, with great photos of their shrimp, their aquaria and their set-up, 46 pages

Aquarium photography - Q & A
Questions and answers about shrimp photography, 12 pages

Shrimp Graphics
Beautiful, large-format Red and Black Bee photos, 18 pages

Red Bee Information
information about the heredity of colors and about crossbreeding Bee and Tiger shrimp, 4 pages

Wabi Kusa
beauty in a glass bowl, 4 pages

and much more ...

In Japanese
Pisces publishing house

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Pisces :: Red Bee Shrimp, Vol. 7 (in Japanese)
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