Crusta AquaSafe, 100 ml

Crusta AquaSafe, 100 ml

Water conditioner
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for natural water adds iodine and magnesium with vitamin B enhances the filter funtion

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Conditioner for tap water for turning aggressive tap water into natural aquarium water quickly -... more
TetraCrusta AquaSafe, 100 ml

Conditioner for tap water for turning aggressive tap water into natural aquarium water quickly - with the BioExtract formula for healthy and clear water.

The new formula enhances the creation of healthy water and healthy animals through a unique mixture of natural biological polymeric compounds and trace elements. Toxic substances in the tap water are neutralized at once: chlorine is eliminated, and heavy metals like copper, zinc and lead are bound completely and safely in the long run.

Vital substances that occur in the natural biotopes are added: iodine for boosting the vitality of your animals, magnesium to enhance their growth and their well-being, vitamin B against stress. The gills and the mucous membranes of the animals are efficiently protected by the colloids this conditioner contains.

The BioExtract formula with natural biological polymeric compounds enhances the formation of beneficial bacteria for healthy, clean water.

Improves the conditions for breeding and boosts the growth of the plants and the regeneration of the fish after medical treatments.

For freshwater and marine aquaria.

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Manufacturer Tetra
Article number GH-2001605
EAN number 4004218187221
Content 100 ml
Shipping weight 0,13 kg

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Tetra :: Crusta AquaSafe, 100 ml
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