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Your passion are shrimps, nano aquariums or aquascaping?
In our Garnelenhaus online shop we offer a wide range of aquaristic products of many large and small manufacturers. Whether you are looking as an enthusiastic aquascapers for glassware, water plants or CO2 technology, as shrimp lovers looking for a new nano tank, for shrimp feed, or for minerals, or generally looking for a spare part, a new filter or maybe some nice snails. Easy and safe shopping ... delivered fast and fair!

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Soil, Feed and Mineral Salt perfect for Shrimp!
With the products of our own brands SaltyShrimp and GlasGarten we offer especially for keeping of Ornamental Shrimp a perfect and simple water treatment and a varied feeding line with everything needed to keep the Shrimp vitality and in brilliance of color. Perfect for Aquascaping and keeping Shrimp also is our Soil Environment - Aquarium Soil. Based on our experience and to our specifications the soil was exclusively produce for us directly in Japan. Learn more about our great products!


Bee Shrimp Mineral
Caridina-Species love it

Bee Shrimp Mineral

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