Shipping and Delivery

Shipping in general

We ship exclusively with DHL to the countries listed below. Shipping to other countries may be possible upon request. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by E-Mail or Phone.

Tracking / Shipping Status

After the packages have been delivered to DHL on the day of dispatch, you will receive a shipping message by E-Mail included DHL tracking number and a link to the DHL online tracking. So you can quickly and easily check where your package is currently located.

Delivery restrictions

A shipment of Animals, Plants or Aquariums is possible only within Germany, or with German delivery address.

Delivery time

We ship on the day of the payment receipt, at the latest on the following working day (Monday - Friday), unless a different delivery period or delivery date has been indicated or agreed. The delivery time itself (time after which you receive your order at the latest) depends on the method of payment and delivery chosen by you during the checkout process, as well as the delivery country into which the order is to be delivered. You can find more information about the calculation of the delivery time  here



Germany Shipping within Germany



- Standard -
Goods / Plants / Animals

5,95 €

free shipping
from 69,- € order value


- our recommendation -
for live animals

14,90 €

per package up to 30 kg
reduced to 9,90 €
from 69,- € order value
optional delivery options
before 12 pm .................. plus 1,80 €
Saturday ..................... plus 12,00 €

Thermal Pack

- Packaging flat rate -

Animals     3,00 €

  Styrofoam box for safe shipping
  in double fish transport bag
  additional extra thermal bag
  in cold weather incl. heat pack


Plants        1,50 €

  Styrofoam box for safe shipping

Flat rate shown in the shopping cart
Flat rate applies once per order
With Plants and Animals in ONE
Order the 1,50 € (Plants) will drop
Jeschke & Sander


- Box/Pallet -
for larger Aquarium Tanks1

99/189/259,- €

per Aquarium2

1 Only affects aquariums with a size of at least 60x30x45 cm (LxWxH)

2 The corresponding flat rate is shown on the product details page. This depends on the selected aquarium size and applies throughout Germany.
Note about current animal shipping
Due to the now low temperatures, we currently only offer the shipping option DHL-Express for the benefit of the animals, in order to ensure that your new aquarium inhabitants arrive safely and as quickly as possible. The animals will thank you and we hope for your understanding ;o)

Notice on the delivery of live animals

We always send live animals in a double transport bag, an additional thermal bag and a styrofoam box. In winter, at low temperatures, we also use a heat pack into the styrofoam box. The above-mentioned packaging flat rate for animals applies. If it is too cold in winter (or too hot in summer) so that the animals would be harmed with a standard package with a standard delivery time of 2-3 days, we may only offer Express shipping for the animals' benefit. You will always receive information about this in the shopping cart before you complete your order. In general, we recommend our DHL express shipping for the shipping of live animals, as the parcel is delivered the following day after DHL is picked it up with us and the short shipping time of just one working day means that the animals arrive at your place as stress-free, gently and safely as possible.

Notice on the delivery of aquatic plants in winter time

In winter, at constant temperatures below 0 °C, we ship plants in insulating styrofoam boxes with the above-mentioned packaging flat rate for plants. At constant temperatures above 0 °C, there is no flat rate packaging for plants. Cold, but frost-free temperatures are no problem for the plants.

Notice on the delivery of Aquarium tanks / bulky items per Express

Due to the high volume weight, e.g. Aquarium tanks, Aquarium sets and other large-volume or bulky items can only be sent by us via DHL regular package. If you want to choose DHL Express shipping, you would have to remove these articles from your shopping cart and, if necessary, order these separately. You got a note about this into your shopping cart.

Packet delivery General

Please note that the delivery service (parcel service) is liable for a harmless delivery. Therefore, in the presence of the driver, always check the packaging for external damage and refuse acceptance if necessary.

Delivery to Packstation / Parcelshop / Preferred

Within Germany, we deliver standard parcels (no express) to a DHL-Packstation, DHL-Parcelshop or as a DHL Preferred Delivery, with optional selectable time option, storage location or desire neighbor. Please note that especially in summer time, it may become very hot in a packing station or a storage location e.g. in the garden and plants or animals can cause considerable harm. Claims for damages arising out of a lack of due diligence can not be considered.

Delivery on Saturday

Within Germany, our shipments (DHL package) are also delivered on Saturdays. Excludes deliveries to company addresses (only Mon-Fri). For express packages, a Saturday delivery is optional (standard: Mon-Fri).

Delivery of Aquarium Tanks

In the case of the delivery of Aquarium Tanks, we ask you to check the consignment for external integrity before accepting it and to refuse the acceptance in the case of audible glass breakage. After receipt, we ask you to inspect the Aquarium immediately for hidden glass breakages and to notify us as soon as possible by E-Mail or telephone. Only in this case we have the opportunity for a complaint with the manufacturer. Your claims for a perfect delivery of the goods against us remain unaffected by this.

Delivery of Animals and Plants

In the case of the delivery of live animals and / or plants, the customer has to make sure that these are handled with due diligence, even if necessary in the meantime required storage, and if possible on the same day in a corresponding Biotope (eg. Aquarium) can be transferred. Claims for damages arising out of a lack of due diligence can not be considered.



Europa I
Netherlands, Austria

DHL - Euro Iup to 30 kg
Shipping costs 7,90 €
 free shripping from 150,- € order value



Europa II
Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Poland, Spain

DHL - Euro IIup to 30 kg
Shipping costs 9,90 €
 free shipping from 150,- € order value



Europa IIIEuropa III
Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus,

DHL - Euro IIIup to 10 kgup to 20 kgup to 30 kg
Shipping costs 9,90 € 14,90 € 18,90 €
 free shipping from 199,- € order value



World I
Great Britain, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland

DHL - World Iup to 30 kg
Shipping costs 9,90 €
 free shipping from 250,- € order value



World II
Bosnia/Herzegovina, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine

DHL - World IIup to 5 kgup to 10 kgup to 20 kg*up to 30 kg
Shipping costs 29,90 € 35,90 € 45,90 € 55,90 €
* for Bosnia/Herzegovina and Serbia the maximal weight per DHL package is 20 kg


Shipping costs

Our shipping and packaging fees are based on the total shipping weight of the ordered articles. The maximum permissible weight per package is 20*/30 kg. If an order is heavier than 20*/30 kg, the weight will be calculated according to the price list. From a given order value the shipping costs will be deducted for your entire order.

Package delivery General

Please note that the delivery service (parcel service) is liable for a harmless delivery. Therefore, in the presence of the driver, always check the packaging for external damage and refuse acceptance if necessary.

Taxes, duties

For deliveries to a non-EU country, VAT will be omitted, although we may point out that additional duties, taxes and charges may be incurred which are payable by the customer and are to be paid to the relevant customs or tax authorities. Please ask for details before placing your order with the relevant customs or tax authority. For more information please visit and especially for Switzerland



Information about the calculation of the delivery time

The deadline for delivery begins upon payment by bank transfer on the day after the payment order has been issued to the transferring credit institution or, in the case of other forms of payment (PayPal, Sofort Payment or Credit Card) on the day following conclusion of the contract and ending with the end of the last day of the deadline. If a day of the deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday, a public holiday approved by the state on the delivery date, or on a "non-delivery day", the next working day shall be replaced by such day.

Delivery timePayPal,
Credit Card
DHL-Package 1 - 3 days 2 - 5 days Mon - Fri
(regular goods)
Mon - Thu
DHL-Express 1 - 2 days 2 - 4 days Mon - Fri
(regular goods)
Mon - Thu
DHL - Euro 4 - 10 days 6 - 12 days Mon - Fri
DHL - World I 4 - 12 days 6 - 14 days Mon - Fri
DHL - World II 5 - 14 days 7 - 16 days Mon - Fir
Forwarder* 3 - 7 days 5 - 9 days Mon - Fri

* When ordering aquariums made exclusively for you by our aquarium manufacturer, the delivery time is 4 - 5 weeks.

If you order more than one article within the scope of an order for which different delivery times are specified, we will ship the goods in a joint shipment. In this case, the total delivery time for the order is the same as for the item of your order with the longest delivery time. Except is the delivery of the order by DHL Express; here the shortened express delivery time is always valid. The delivery time for larger Aquarium Tanks (forwarding goods) is always the above mentioned time frame, regardless of maybe other co-ordered goods (DHL parcel delivery).

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