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In our GARNELENHAUS online shop we offer a large range of great products for aquascaping, for everything related for shrimp, crayfish and snails in the aquarium and everything else you need for your aquarium hobby, such as Aquarium plants, all kinds of technology such as CO2 accessories, aquarium filters, LED lighting. But of course you will also find high-quality aquarium tanks and aquarium sets, food for your shrimp, crabs and snails, decoration and hardscape, tools such as pruning shears and tweezers, water tests, water conditioners, minerals and much much more...


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You can view all items and of course our shrimp, crayfish and snails in our shop and of course also order directly online. We prepare and pack your order with great care, always ensure safe packaging and DHL will deliver the order to your home in short time ... usually within 1-2 days* and often even free of charge*.

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Invertebrates - shrimp, crayfish & snails

The small, luscious and colorful dwarf shrimps, crayfish and snails have been very popular for many years and can usually be easily maintained in almost every aquarium from approx. 10-20 liters (as long as there are no larger fish / predatory fish in the aquarium). Shrimp, crayfish and snails are not just interesting to watch, they are also perfect remnants (feed and dead plant remains), algae and growth-eaters and are therefore extremely useful as a kind of "health police" in the aquarium.

Shrimp in the Aquarium

Red, blue, green, yellow, red-white, blue-white, tabby, striped, dotted? Ornamental shrimp are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns ... bright red Red Fire Sakura shrimp, blue tiger shrimp, black and white bee shrimp and many many more. Others are more colorless, but they are excellent algae eaters, e.g. the Amano shrimps, which are often used in beautifully planted natural aquariums to keep the (thread) algae in the shaft. Of course, we also offer a large range of shrimp feed, including of our own brands GlasGarten, as well as special minerals for the treatment of osmosis water.

Aquarium Snails

Of course, the small bubble or posthorn snails come to mind, which you often bring into the aquarium with plants and rather "unwanted" and which can quickly become a nuisance ... why should you buy any extra?
Snails belong in a biotope and are important helpers when it comes to recycling residues, removing algae, maintaining the soil and even fighting the above. "unwanted" snails. The predator snail (Anentome helena) e.g. eats other snails, the Dusky Nerite snail effectively grazes algae from the glass, the Malayan Trumpet snail digs in the ground and thus keeps it loose and prevents so-called "bumps" and the Red Nerite snail has a very nice black, red and yellow casing drawing. Mainly aquarium snails eat the smallest algae growth, dead plant and feed residues and constantly graze on the biofilm present on all surfaces in the aquarium. But if the aquarium is particularly clean, or if the snails simply eat more than "comes", we also offer special snail food and all kinds of natural products, which are ideal as food for snails in the aquarium.

Crayfish in the Aquarium

In the aquarium crayfish, the CPO (Cambarellus patzcuarensis var. 'Orange') with its size of only approx. 4 cm is certainly one of the most popular among the types of crabs and crayfish, which often become considerably larger. The CPO is one of the crayfish and is usually easy to socialize and does not usually go to plants, other shrimps or fish ... it is not quick enough for that. Due to its small size, the CPO or a CPO pair can be used in smaller aquariums from approx. 30 liters. Special crayfish food is a good addition to normal aquarium food, although various dry leaves should not be missing in a crayfish aquarium.


Aquascaping - your designed natural aquarium

Aquascaping, i.e. the design of landscapes under water, has become very popular in recent years and offers a great opportunity to be very active in the design (layout) of stones, wood roots and plants. The choice, shape, color and setting of the stones or root woods, the placement and the exact arrangement of the aquatic plants make the appeal of aquascaping among many aquarists. It is simply a pleasure to see how a dreamlike landscape develops over the course of time with the flair, the right equipment and the appropriate plant pruning.

In our aquascaping online shop we offer a large assortment of substrates (soil), hardscape, i.e. natural stones and burl wood, aquarium plants such as Ground cover plants, epiphytes and mosses, plant fertilizers, tools of all kinds (pruning shears, tweezers, etc.) and of course everything in terms of technology, such as CO2 systems, CO2 accessories, aquarium filters and aquarium lighting. Of course, we also have products from the top manufacturers, such as ADA, Tropica, GlasGarten and others.


Aquarium Water Plants

With aquarium plants, the whole aquarium optically stands and falls, and secondly, they are essential to achieve a functioning biology in the aquarium (especially in the substrate). In Aquascaping, water plants often make up the actual part of the whole layout. In our shop we offer a wide range of aquatic plants for your aquarium from well-known aquatic plant nurseries such as Tropica, Dennerle and ADA and we always attach great importance to optimal freshness and quality.

You can choose from aquatic plants for the foreground, or so-called ground cover plants such as the Cuba gras (Hemianthus callitrichoides "Cuba") or the "lawn-like" - growing Eleocharis acicularis Mini. A wide variety of aquarium mosses, such as coral moss (Riccardia chamedryfolia), which is not only very popular with shrimp aquarists, but also classic Java moss are just as much a part of the program as great freak plants from the Bucephalandra family and various aquarium ferns. High-quality background aquarium plants and for the middle ground (also stem plants such as the Indian star plant Pogostemon erectus) complement our range of plants.

In our shop for aquatic plants we mainly offer so-called inVitro plants, which simply have the advantage of being guaranteed free of pesticides (anti-algae and snail agents) and above all of algae and snails themselves, as they are under controlled and sterile conditions Conditions are cultivated in the nurseries. We also carry selected plants as potted plants or as a moss pad on a stainless steel grid.


Aquarium Tanks & Aquarium Sets

No matter whether you are looking for a larger aquarium for your latest aquascaping project, just a slightly smaller shrimp aquarium or nano aquarium for the kitchen or several aquariums for your shrimp breeding system ... we offer in the shop, among others. a great selection of affordable entry-level aquariums from the ECO-Line series in white glass, very high quality white glass aquascaping aquariums from the top manufacturers ADA (Cube Garden) and GlasGarten, as well as complete aquarium sets in different sizes from the manufacturers Dennerle and Aquael .. so there is surely something for every taste. Of course, some aquarium base cabinets and bases as well as various accessories belong to the range.


Aquarium Technincs

There is usually a lot of technology in an aquarium ... starting with the right LED lighting, the external or internal filter, CO2 systems, heating or cooling devices, air and oxygen supply, osmosis systems and much more.

Of course, the full range of aquarium technology is not required for every aquarium ... in the case of a smaller shrimp aquarium, it is more likely to be limited to lighting, filtering and possibly CO2, in the case of a larger or more demanding fully planted aquascaping layout, you also want to deal with lumens, lux, kelvin, l / h, number of bubbles and night shutdown.

Here we have a large assortment of everything you need for technical success in your aquarium ... whether CO2 diffusers, inflows and outflows for filters, skimmers, LED modules, many types of filters, everything for water treatment, accessories , Hoses, stopcocks, spare parts and and and...


Literature & illustrated books

If it should be something "tangible" outside of the online world ... how about an aquaristic textbook or picture book on aquascaping? The biography of Takashi Amano in particular should be a very nice gift for many aquascapers. There are also special shrimp specialist books and shrimp illustrated books, depending on your thirst for knowledge, sometimes as a bit easier reading, sometimes as a very scientific shrimp book with a lot of detail on individual shrimp types. But also invertebrate magazines like the magazine caridina, chic annual calendars for the invertebrate or aquascaping fan, as well as plant advice from Dennerle appear regularly.