Bonus Points

Collect bonus points when shopping - we'll award your faithfulness!

With each and every purchase, we'll gift you with valuable bonus points, which you can use with every later purchase, given that you are a registered customer with a customer account with GARNELENHAUS.

For collecting bonus points, the following conditions are valid

1. Participation
All those customers of the GARNELENHAUS online shop who have registered a customer account with us and who order goods on our internet platform, or those who place an order with us and register as customers in the process, have the right to participate in our bonus program.

2. Bonus points in general
The calculatory basis of the GARNELENHAUS bonus point systems is formed by bonus points credited to the points account of a customer. The points account may not be transferred to a third party and cannot be converted to cash and/or be paid out in cash. To view the current status of your bonus account at any time, please log into your customer account and go to your personal customer area. The number of bonus points you can earn with your purchase is given on every product detail page.

3. Bonus point credit
Registered customers with a customer account are automatically credited bonus points with each purchase in the GARNELENHAUS online shop. Per each full Euro you pay for goods (excluding shipping fees and surcharges), one bonus point is credited to your bonus point account, but it is blocked for the time being. 21 days after your order has been placed the bonus points are automatically unblocked by GARNELENHAUS, and then the customer can use them for a new order. If you use your bonus points to pay for your order partially or in full, the new bonus points you will be awarded for your new order will be reduced by this amount. The bonus will be credited to the customer account that was used for placing the order. If one customer has several customer accounts with GARNELENHAUS, and uses them to place orders, the bonus points will be credited to every single account specifically. It is not possible to use the bonus points from more than one account for one order, and the bonus points cannot be passed on to another account.

For an order comprising goods with a price of 100,- € the customer will be credited 100 bonus points (100 points are equivalent to 1.00 €).

4. Redeeming bonus points
The bonus points you earned through your purchases with GARNELENHAUS that have been unlocked can be used for any other product order you place in the GARNELENHAUS online shop. For each bonus point you redeem, your invoice will be reduced by 1 Eurocent. You can redeem the number of bonus points that corresponds with the value of the goods you purchase as a maximum. The bonus points you redeem will be deducted from your personal bonus point account immediately after the order has been received by us. Once redeemed, the points cannot be used again.

And this is how it's done
You'll find a slider in your shopping cart that gives you the option to redeem all or part of the bonus points you have earned.

If the goods in your shopping cart cost 19.95 Euros, for example, you can use the equivalent of 19.- Euros in bonus points as a maximum. You cannot use your bonus points for decimal digits, shipping fees and other surcharges.

5. Exclusion of bonus point credit
You cannot use your bonus points to purchase vouchers. We are afraid we cannot credit you with bonus points for add-on orders or for replacements within the framework of an order that has already been placed.

6. Expiration of bonus points
The bonus points you earned will expire after two years from the date of your last order if you do not redeem them for a new order.

7. Refund / chargeback
In the case of a revocation or if you send back the goods you ordered, the bonus points that were credited to you for this order are lost and will not be refunded by GARNELENHAUS. The bonus points earned for returned shipments are reversed by us.

8. End of the bonus program
We reserve the right to end the bonus point program at any given time or to replace it by another program.

9. Alterations
We reserve the right to make amendments or alterations to the participation conditions and to the procedures involved in the course of the bonus program. Claims for damages of participants against GARNELENHAUS stemming from any legal country-specific amendments are excluded. Amendments or alterations of these conditions for participation will be published on the website.

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