Power Sand Advanced

Substrate fertilizer
the base for the Nature Aquarium substrate made of highly porous volcanic rock Bacter 100, Clear Super, BC-Power included perfect conditions for healthily growing roots
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ADA Power Sand Advance is the successor of the previous ADA Power Sand Special and is a... more
ADAPower Sand Advanced

ADA Power Sand Advance is the successor of the previous ADA Power Sand Special and is a nutrition substrate for aquarium plants, rich in nutrients and with a porous structure (volcanic rock). The ADA Power Sand Advanced therefore provides perfect conditions for developing soil microorganisms which, over time, create a soil milieu that helps maintain a healthy and vigorous growth of aquarium plants for a long period of time.

ADA Power Sand Advance consists of a porous volcanic rock, which is specially created to the needs of aquarium plants. Due to the porous structure of the ADA Power Sand, the water circulation in the soil is ensured, so that the roots of the aquarium plants are sufficiently supplied with oxygen and can absorb the rich nutrients contained optimally... an undesirable substrate compaction and thus a stagnation of water circulation is not possible with the ADA Power Sand. The result is a strong and healthy root growth, especially in stem plants and thus strong and well-growing aquarium plants.

The ADA Power Sand Advance is therefore a perfect base for the ADA Soil System.

Difference to the ADA Power Sand Basic
ADA Power Sand Advance
has more nutrients than ADA Power Sand Basic and, in addition to ADA Bacter 100 and ADA Clear Super, also contains ADA BC Powder (bamboo charcoal powder). BC powder additionally promotes the growth of aquatic plants.

Which ADA Power Sand is recommended for which aquarium size?

Aquarium sizePower Sand
60 x 30 x 30 cm Advanced S (2 Liter)
90 x 45 x 45 cm Advanced M (6 Liter)
180 x 60 x 60 cm Advanced L (6 Liter)

Use the chart above as a guide to grain size and measure the amount of ADA Power Sand you need, depending on the amount, placement and type of your aquatic plants. In the places in the aquarium. where e.g. no plants need to grow, no Power Sand must be introduced...

Notes to Usage
The use of a soil filter / undergravel filter in conjunction with the use of ADA Power Sand should generally be dispensed with, as otherwise contained nutrients are flushed out of the substrate and the effect of the abundant nutrient supply directly at the roots of the plants within a very short time.

Under no circumstances should the ADA Power Sand Advance be rinsed out before use ... this would flush all nutrients out of the Power Sand, causing the substrate to lose its effect.

ADA Power Sand Advance given after opening the bag in the aquarium. Then smooth the surface of the ADA Power Sand.
Next step is to add the substrate, such as ADA Aqua Soil to the Aquarium, which is also smoothed before the Aquarium can be carefully filled with water.

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