CO2 Diffuser P-Series (inner reactor)

CO2 - Diffuser / Reactor
transparent and compact design Hose connection with safety-nut with exchangeable ceramic membrane optionally with bubble counter and check valve
Available variants
PM1, Membran 22x10 mm
8.40 €
PM1, Membran 31x15 mm
9.40 €
PS2, Membran 18x10 mm, bubble counter
11.60 €
PS2, Membran 18x15 mm, bubble counter
12.60 €
PS3, Membran 31x10 mm, bubble counter, non-return valve
14.90 €
PS3, Membran 31x15 mm, bubble counter, non-return valve
15.90 €
Compact P, Membran 21 mm
8.50 €

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CO2 (carbon dioxide) dissolves in the water. You can easily observe this phenomenon when you... more
AQUA-NOACO2 Diffuser P-Series (inner reactor)

CO2 (carbon dioxide) dissolves in the water. You can easily observe this phenomenon when you watch a CO2 bubble on its way to the water surface: it shrinks.

In order to maximize the contact of the gas with the water and to guarantee a high dissolution, the AQUA-NOA CO2 diffusors of the P series atomize the gas into minute bubbles. Many of them don't even reach the water surface since the CO2 has dissolved entirely in the water on their way up. A diffusor is a highly efficient method of getting as much CO2 into the water as possible and to provide the aquarium plants with the vital carbon they so urgently require.

All AQUA-NOA internal CO2 reactors / AQUA-NOA CO2 diffusors of the P series are equipped with:

• a very finely pored ceramic membrane
• a 4/6 mm CO2 hose connection with a union nut
• suction cups for mounting on the aquarium glass

Optionally, the types PS/PM 2 and PS/PM 3 are available with:

• a bubble counter for easy visual control of the amount of CO2 that is injected
• a check valve that protects the solenoid valve and/or the pressure reducer from water

The combination of these additional functions in one device saves you several lengths of hose that would not only be unsightly but might increase the risk of leakages.
There is only one direct CO2-tight or silicone hose connection from the solenoid valve or the CO2 pressure reducer to the CO2 diffusor.

The connection of the AQUA-NOA CO2 diffusors of the P series is secured with a union nut. Use standard 4/6 mm CO2 hose that is usually part of any CO2 set available in trade.

Please note: The AQUA-NOA CO2 diffusors of the P series (internal CO2 reactors) can be used with CO2 injection systems using one-way or refillable cylinders of all brands, but not with yeast-based CO2 fertilization.

AQUA-NOA - CO2 Inner Reactor (Diffuser) P-Series

Variants and technical details

CO2 inner reactor
Diffusor P - Variant
to liters
total height
of reactor
of ceramic
of ceramic
PS1 150 l 33 mm 22 mm 10 mm
PS2 100 l 65 mm 18 mm 10 mm
PS3 200 l 91 mm 31 mm 10 mm
PM1 400 l 41 mm 31 mm 15 mm
PM2 200 l 66 mm 18 mm 15 mm
PM3 400 l 94 mm 31 mm 15 mm
Compact P 250 l 70 mm ** 21 mm

** The AQUA-NOA CO2 Diffuser Compact P has a flat, round but replaceable ceramic membrane

Article information
Manufacturer AQUA-NOA

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AQUA-NOA :: CO2 Diffuser P-Series (inner reactor)
13 Jul 2019

Super feines Blasenbild. Da kann man wirklich nichts sagen.
Einen Stern Abzug, weil ein zweiter Saugnapf fehlt für den Schlauch nach oben.
Hinter Pflanzen versteckt macht er einen verdammt guten Job. Für kleines Geld ist der wirklich toll

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