Leddy Smart Sunny Day & Night

LED aquarium light
different lighting modes super flat design, only 1 cm thickness easy to mount on the tank rim natural colors, 6500 Kelvin
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The new Aquael Leddy Smart Sunny Day & Night is a minimalist LED lamp for small aquarium tanks... more
AquaelLeddy Smart Sunny Day & Night

The new Aquael Leddy Smart Sunny Day & Night is a minimalist LED lamp for small aquarium tanks with a capacity of 10 to 50 liters and a maximum height of 35 cm. The lamp is equipped with a new day & night function. Depending on your needs, you can choose between three lighting modes - two different types of daylight and a blue night light. Thanks to the night light, you can also admire your aquarium at night!

The Leddy Smart Sunny Day & Night from Aquael makes your aquarium impressive and great at any time. It uses modern LED technology, whereby the light-emitting diodes are hidden in a flat (almost 1 cm thick) and elegant lampshade. The installation of the lamp is extremely uncomplicated - the lamp arm is pushed directly onto the edge of the basin pane (suitable for basins with up to 4 mm thick glass). The powerful LEDs (4.8 W) emit bright and invigorating light with a color temperature of 6500 K. This corresponds to a light output that is comparable to a conventional 15 watt fluorescent tube. This promotes plant growth and brings out the natural colors of the fauna and flora in the aquarium to their best advantage.

The Leddy Smart Sunny Day & Night lamps are practical for lighting shrimp tanks and other smaller freshwater pools. Your additional advantage is their long service life and that they are practically maintenance-free - the light-emitting diodes used in them last up to 20,000 hours without having to be replaced.

The lamp is available in two different colors (black / white).

Day & Night Function

You can choose between three different lighting modes for this lamp: 

  • Day (daylight): the Leddy shines with a warm color temperature of 6500K.  
  • Daybreak (transitional light): the Leddy shines with the daylight spectrum, plus additional blue LEDs.
  • Night (moonlight): only the blue LEDs light up. So you can also admire your aquarium at night.

The brightness levels are set using the switch on the lamp. If you first turn the switch off and then turn it on again within 5 seconds, the lighting mode will change. If you leave the switch off for more than 5 seconds, the lamp jumps back to Day (daylight) mode.

With the accessory "Aquael Socket Link Duo" you can even control the lamp wirelessly via the app (not included in the scope of delivery of the lamp).

Technical details
• super flat design, 1 cm thick
• 3 lighting modes: DAY / DAYBREAK / NIGHT switched manually and via a smartphone app
• Operating voltage 220-240 V / 50 Hz
• Lumens / 650 lm
• Power consumption of 4.8 watts
• Light temperature of 6500 Kelvin
• suitable for glass thickness of max. 4 mm
• up to 20,000 hours lifetime
• Dimensions 220 × 85 × 10mm (70 mm height from pool edge)
• Cable length approx. 150 cm
• Weight approx. 270 g

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Manufacturer Aquael

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Aquael :: Leddy Smart Sunny Day & Night
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