Neo CO2 Diffusor Extend Special Type

Acrylic CO2 Diffuser / CO2 Reactor
individually bendable by heating with special ceramic membrane for very fine CO2 bubbles with matching suction cup
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The AQUARIO Neo CO2 Diffuser Extend Special Type made of acrylic is individually bendable by... more
AQUARIONeo CO2 Diffusor Extend Special Type

The AQUARIO Neo CO2 Diffuser Extend Special Type made of acrylic is individually bendable by heating and can therefore be perfectly adapted to your aquarium. The special ceramic membrane of the AQUARIO Neo CO2 Diffusor Extend Special Type ensures very small and fine CO2 bubbles in the aquarium, which means that the CO2 is very effectively dissolved in the water. The AQUARIO Neo CO2 Diffuser Extend Special Type has a flat diffuser body with a side entrance and comes with a suitable suction cup.

In the packaging of the AQUARIO Neo CO2 Diffusor Extend Special Type you will find two separate extra tubes which you can use for testing before you start working on the actual diffuser. By heating the tube (e.g. over a candle flame or lighter), the acrylic glass becomes soft and flexible and can be brought into the desired shape for your Aquarium. See also the product photos above.

Before starting up in the aquarium, soak the AQUARIO Neo CO2 Diffuser Extend Special Type in water for 10 minutes so that all the air in the diffuser is displaced and the pores of the ceramic membrane are watered. If there is still air in the diffuser, larger bubbles can form at the lower edge of the diffuser ceramic. If the CO2 bubbles grow larger over time, you can use a suitable cleaning solution for the membrane, e.g. to remove calcifications.

This way it works!
• thread the enclosed elastic band into the acrylic tube of the CO2 diffuser.
• hold the diffuser or the pipe to the left and right of the desired bending point.
• hold the desired bending point at a distance of 1-3 cm over a candle flame (or lighter flame), turn the pipe and move it back and forth minimally.
• as soon as the acrylic has softened sufficiently, the area can be bent into shape.
• the previously introduced rubber band reduces the risk of bending the inside diameter of the tube during bending.
• after a short cooling, the previously inserted rubber band can be removed.

Tips for bending
• if you hold the pipe too close to the flame, it will quickly become sooty. Be sure to keep the specified distance.
• if you do not turn the tube during heating, the bend will be unclean and an unsightly bulge will appear at the bending point.
• as soon as the acrylic material has softened, a certain and quick bend is recommended.
• if a desired 180 ° bend is desired, it is advisable to expand the area to be bent a little during heating so that a wider piece of the acrylic tube becomes soft.
• if you want to bend the tube above the aquarium glass, simply make a 180 ° bend and hold it as far as possible from the desired bending point in order to then press the two respective pipe ends close to the aquarium glass. So the 180 ° bending point slowly extends far enough.

AQUARIO - Neo CO2 Diffusor Extend Special Type

Variants and technical Details

Neo CO2 Diffusor Extend Special Type Mini Medium Large
Height 390 mm 390 mm 390 mm
Width 24 mm 28 mm 35 mm
Membrane diameter 12 mm 17 mm 24 mm
suitable for hose 4/6 mm 4/6 mm 4/6 mm
Article information
Manufacturer AQUARIO

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AQUARIO :: Neo CO2 Diffusor Extend Special Type
9 Customer reviews
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4 Oct 2022 • not verified

Super schicker und unauffälliger Diffusor!
Das Biegen ist ein bisschen knifflig, aber dank der zwei Probestücke zum Üben dann doch gut machbar, die Zeit fürs Üben sollte man sich nehmen.
Er eignet sich sogar für Bio CO2, wenn die Anlage druckfest ist. Ab 0,4 Bar zerstäubt er feine Bläschen.

18 Feb 2022 • not verified

Der Diffusor zerstäubt sehr fein das CO2, wirklich klasse. Ich finde auch das Konzept mit dem selbst biegen sehr cool und praktisch. Allerdings empfand ich es als relativ schwierig den Diffusor so zu biegen, dass beide Enden Parallel sind. Aber das konnte ich gut kaschieren.

2 Oct 2021 • not verified

Good product, but bending the plastic tube is not as easy as it looks on you tube

16 Jul 2021 • not verified

Das Teil produziert wirklich wunderbar feine Bläschen und auch die Pptik und Verarbeitung gefallen mir.

24 Jun 2021 • not verified

einfach Super!!
Der Diffusor produziert sehr feine Blasen.
Wenn nicht die Probestücke dabei gewesen währen, hätte ich einige versaut.

Wichtig!: probiert es nicht mit einem Gasbrenner aus. Das funktioniert überhaupt nicht!
Da hat man schnell die Temperatur überschritten und es entstehen Blasen im Material.
Egal wie vorsichtig man das macht.

26 Mar 2021 • not verified

Super feine Bläschen und leicht zu Biegen

7 Jan 2021 • not verified

The BEST diffuser on the market at the moment. Love the fact that you can bend the pipe yourself, making it perfect for your aquarium.

10 Dec 2020 • not verified

Best I ever had❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

15 Jun 2020 • not verified

Super feine Bläschen und wirklich gut individuell anpassbar. Man sollte auf jeden Fall mit den mitgelieferten Röhrchen üben.

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