LED System Series C

Aquarium LED light
inclusive dimmer with quality power supply for healthy planth growths developed for nano tanks
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C201, 20 cm
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C251, 25 cm
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C301, 30 cm
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C361, 36 cm
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New range , equipped with quality power supplies. The Chihiros LED lights of the... more
ChihirosLED System Series C

New range, equipped with quality power supplies.

The Chihiros LED lights of the C Series are developed for nano aquariums and they are characterized by their inconspicuous design and the good illumination. It offers very good luminosity for small aquariums of 10 to 40 liters tank volume and who it is too bright, which can reduce the light intensity simply with the dimmer. Even during the run-in period after a new set-up, or in the case of algae problems, it is advisable not to exploit the full light intensity immediately and to first dimming the light for a while. The model C361 with a total length of 31 cm can even illuminate aquariums with a depth of up to 35 cm. For aquariums with a width of 60 cm, you can simply use two lamps of the C series next to each other.

With the practical holder, suitable for glass thicknesses of up to 6 mm, the Chihiros LED Series C luminaires are simply attached to the rear or side edge of the aquarium tank and are easily attached or removed within seconds thanks to the fixing screws, which are easily accessible from the front. In addition, the fastening screws positioned at the front prevent the capillary effect and thus a transfer of the water to the holder at very high water level. The Chihiros LED's of the C Series are completely protected against splash water.

The Chihiros C-Series also comes with a manual dimmer, which allows the light to be easily dimmed in 7 steps (100% - 90% - 80% - 70% - 60% - 50% - 30%). The currently set dimming level is retained even when using a timer.

Chihiros Series C - LED Light-System


Chihiros Series A
in W
flux lm
color K
lenght cm
C201 7 7500 8000 18 20 140 40 5
C251 10 1150 8000 27 25 180 40 5
C301 14 1500 8000 36 30 220 40 5
C361 18 1850 8000 45 36 280 40 5
Article information
Manufacturer Chihiros

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Customer evaluation
Chihiros :: LED System Series C
15 Dec 2020

Sehr zufrieden....schön hell.
Übertrifft meine Erwartungen.

5 Feb 2020

SEHR gute Ware

3 Feb 2020

Sehr helle Lampe, die Pflanzen im Garnelenbecken lieben sie.

21 Oct 2019

Aquarium leuchte ist schön dezent. Macht ein sehr helles Licht! Die Einstellungen zum dimmen sind auch sehr gut.

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