caridina, issue 1/2016, in German

caridina, issue 1/2016, in German

Invertebrates in freshwater aquaria - Magazine
for all invert enthusiasts scene news all about shrimp, crayfish & Co. 4 issues per year

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caridina - Shrimp, crayfish & Co , the special magazine about invertebrates in freshwater... more
Dähne-Verlagcaridina, issue 1/2016, in German
caridina - Shrimp, crayfish & Co,
the special magazine about invertebrates in freshwater aquaria brings you information, hints and tips about shrimp, crayfish, crabs, snails and so on four times a year.

In this issue of caridina you will find the following topics:

Cover story: Crayfish
- Astacus astacus :: the Noble Crayfish is large, impressive and fascinating to watch
- Crayfish Plague :: where does it come from and what does it mean for the invert hobby
- Crayfish of the Caribbean :: Procambarus cubensis is a good crayfish for beginners

Glassy beauties Schönheiten
Breeding glass shrimp (Macrobrachium lanchesteri) without much effort

Marisa cornuarietis
Ramshorn-shaped planteaters - beautiful and hungry

Hairy trumpet snail
Thiara cancellata for freshwater and brackish tanks

Adventure land
Discovering an undescribed shrimp in the Kottawa Forest of Sri Lanka

Hannover 2016
The great meeting of the invert and scaper scene is held from 5. - 7. February

Java fern
Not many plants are as variable in their form and as undemanding

Soft water
A must for sensitive shrimp breeds, for example with an RO system

Photographing shrimp
If you take some basic things into consideration, you’ll be able to take great pictures of shrimp, crayfish & Co.

Neon goby
Species of the genus Stiphodon are peaceful fish for invert tanks

Invert magazine
Dähne-Verlag (Publisher)

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The magazine caridina is available only in German language.
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