Invertebrates (in German)

Invertebrates (in German)

Guidebook - shrimp, crayfish, crabs & snails in fresh water aquaria
comprehensive handbook on freshwater inverts practical hints and tips for experinenced and beginning invert keepers 304 pages with 480 color photos the most important species are described in detail

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Chris Lukhaup / Reinhard Pekny Wirbellose / Invertebrates Shrimp, crayfish, crabs &... more
Dähne-VerlagInvertebrates (in German)

Chris Lukhaup / Reinhard Pekny
Wirbellose / Invertebrates
Shrimp, crayfish, crabs & snails in fresh water aquaria
304 pages, approx. 480 color photos, hardcover
publisher: Dähne, 1. edition (Aug. 2014)
ISBN 978-3-935175-59-3

Language: German

This comprehensive guidebook is full of practical tips and information and offers beginning and experienced invertebrate keepers the all-important knowledge around the subject of freshwater aquarium invertebrates. Even experienced aquarium keepers will detect lots of things they did not know yet and a host of information all around the natural habitats and the special requirements regarding food or reproduction of these fascinating animals.

Shrimp, crayfish, crabs, anomurans (Aegla), snails and mussels - this thick guidebook gives you a well-structured overview of the most important species available in the trade, with phantastic photos.
Twenty years ago, our enthusiasm for freshwater invertebrates was triggered by crayfish. In the following, we went on numerous expeditions searching for them, and we discovered many other invertebrates in their course. Shrimp, anomurans, crabs, snails and mussels soon cast their spell over us as well.

Many aquarium keepers became interested in these hitherto rather unknown inverts, and pet stores soon started offering a constantly growing, more and more varied range of these fascinating animals. In this wake, people kept asking for closer identification of species, requiring more information about the conditions they needed to create for keeping and breeding these inverts in their aquaria. In our aquaria and breeding tanks we have kept hundreds of species ourselves, and we have bred many of them. Not all the inverts we collected or got from trade turned out to be suitable for a common decorative aquarium. Some species are more or less reserved for specialists, but others are great for hobbyist keepers, too.

Unfortunately, we are unable to present each and every species that has fascinated us in the course of time in this book. However, we are proud to present you the most beautiful and important ones. One of our main criteria is that the species can be kept in a tank relatively easily. It is our hope that this book will gain lots of new fans for this fantastic hobby as they succumb to the fascination of freshwater inverts – just the way we did.

Chris Lukhaup and Reinhard Pekny

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