Cookies Special Menu, 100 ml

Cookies Special Menu, 100 ml

Complete food
suitable for all bottom-dwelling fish contains Moringa olifera leaves 100% natural contains 45% of plankton

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Dennerle Cookies Special Menu is suitable for all bottom-dwelling fish. It is produced from 100%... more
DennerleCookies Special Menu, 100 ml
Dennerle Cookies Special Menu is suitable for all bottom-dwelling fish. It is produced from 100% natural ingredients.

A fast-sinking food in the form of chips for all bottom-dwelling fish like Corydoras, kuhli loaches, sucking loaches, bichirs and many catfish. Of course, these pads are only produced with aquatic animal products and high-quality vegetable components like Moringa leaves and grainseed oil. For the first time ever, the leaves of the "miracle tree" Moringa olifera have been used in a fish food. Their high content of trace elements and vitamins makes them highly valuable.

Dennerle Cookies Special Menu does not contain artificial preserving agents and is not produced from fishmeal.


Arctic krill (31%), wheat protein, squid, Omega-3 marine oil, Gammarus shrimp (4%), daphnia (4%), grasshoppers, maggots, red coralline algae, yeast extract, green-lipped mussel extract, brine shrimp (2%), brine shrimp naupliae (2%), Moringa oleifera (2%), inuline from chicory, spinach, bloodworms, Nannochloropsis algae (1%), herbal extract, cabbage, Spirulina platensis (1%), balm, garlic, chickweed, Chlorella algae (0,3%), fennel, aniseed, pollen, grapeseed oil, Beta-glucane

Feeding recommendation:

1 cookie per 6-10 fish per day

Content: 100 ml (38 g)
Cookie size: 8 mm
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Manufacturer Dennerle
Article number DEN-7510
EAN number 4001615075106
Content 0.1 l
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Dennerle :: Cookies Special Menu, 100 ml
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25 May 2016 • not verified

Meine Zwergpanzerwelse haben sich wie verrückt auf dieses Futter gestürzt. Auch den Garnelen scheint es richtig gut zu schmecken.
Für dieses Futter gibt es eine klare Kaufempfehlung meinerseits.

4 Apr 2016 • not verified

Sehr gute Cookies. Werden sehr gerne von welsen und auch schnecken genommen.

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