CrustaGran, 100 ml

CrustaGran, 100 ml

Complete food
Basic food for shrimp and dwarf crayfish especially designed for appropriate nutrition high-quality proteins from aquatic food animals for growth and unproblematic moults

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Basic food for shrimp and dwarf crayfish Granule size: 2 mm. CrustaGran is a sinking special... more
DennerleCrustaGran, 100 ml

Basic food for shrimp and dwarf crayfish
Granule size: 2 mm.

CrustaGran is a sinking special food for freshwater shrimp and dwarf crayfish. Thanks to high-quality proteins from aquatic food animals and a high content of a total of 20% of valuable algae - Chlorella, Dunaliella, Ascophyllum and 10 % Spirulina - provide the basis for balanced growth and unproblematic moults.
Essential vitamins bring vitality and boost the immune system. Natural carotinoids and astaxanthin enhance the species-specific colors and patterns, especially yellow, orange and red hues. CrustaGran is stable in water for up to 24 hours, it does not pollute unnecessarily and does not make the water cloudy.

Feeding recommendation
Feed an amount that is eaten within an hour every day.

Guideline for adult animals:
· approx. 1 food grain / shrimp / day
· approx. 2 food grains / dwarf crayfish / day

Stir the food grains into the water with the included nano food dosage spoon so they sink at once.
Siphon off uneated food after 24 hrs. at the latest in order to avoid unnecessary water pollution - reduce the amount of food accordingly when feeding next.

  • part of a natural, biologically balanced diet
  • with 20% algae content: Spirulina, Chlorella, Dunaliella, Ascophyllum
  • stable in water for up to 24 hrs - does not make the water cloudy

Content: 100 ml

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Manufacturer Dennerle
Article number DEN-5918
EAN number 4001615059182
Content 0.1 l
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Dennerle :: CrustaGran, 100 ml
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21 Mar 2023 • not verified

Kommt gut an, braucht aber einen Moment bis es sinkt.

11 Oct 2022 • not verified

Wird auch von meinen Platys gerne genommen,xen Rest suchen sich dann die Garnelen

8 Jan 2022 • not verified

Funktioniert und schmeckt scheinbar.

18 Jun 2021 • not verified

Meine PHS und die Nelchen haben sich gleich drauf gestürzt als sie das Futter entdeckt haben. Der kleine Löffel macht es auch wirklich einfach, das Futter gut zu portionieren.

6 Apr 2021 • not verified

Garnelen fressen es fix auf scheint zu munden.

6 Apr 2021 • not verified

Wird super angenommen.

16 Mar 2021 • not verified

Ok, entspricht der Beschreibung. Nützlich, der beigefügte Dosierlöffel.

18 Feb 2021 • not verified


19 Oct 2016 • not verified

Top Händler, Top Ware, Schneller Versand! 5 Sterne!!!

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