Water Plant Fertilizer
concentrated and complete universal fertilizer for strong and healthy plant growth into aquarium promotes the formation of cytokinins (plant hormone) Product of the year 2008 in Germany
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Easy-Life ProFito is a universal liquid fertilizer for aquatic plants, which is suitable for... more

Easy-Life ProFito is a universal liquid fertilizer for aquatic plants, which is suitable for all aquarium plants.

The Aquatic Plant Fertilizer Easy-Life ProFito promotes the rate of plant growth, foliar regeneration and regeneration of holey and / or discolored leaves - e.g. by mineral deficiency. The ingredients in Easy-Life ProFito were put together in the best possible ratio, which provides ideal care for the plants. The composition Easy-Life ProFito universal fertilizer is so strong that a healthy and lush plant growth is permanently guaranteed.

Due to the high concentration of iron, potassium and magnesium in Easy-Life ProFito, everything is done for the plant needs to optimally absorb these nutrients. In addition, the Easy-Life ProFito plant food consists of many so-called micronutrients, such as Manganese, boron, cobalt, lithium, molybdenum, copper, tin, nickel, fluorine, iodine, aluminum, selenium and vanadium. These substances - plus a lot of rare minerals - give the plants exactly what they need for healthy growth. Easy-Life ProFito stimulates the plants to produce larger amounts of cytokinin (plant hormone), which strongly promotes cell division. The leaves become bigger and wider. In addition, the coloring of the leaves is additionally intensified.

Because the nutrient supply of Easy-Life ProFito is so rich, aquatic plants will grow up fast and vigorously. Undesirable substances in the aquarium water - such as e.g. nitrogen and phosphate compounds - are absorbed more quickly by the plants. Nitrate, phosphate and ammonium are therefore more quickly removed from the plants by the water. The water is optimally relieved in this way with Easy-Life ProFito. Likewise, the biological balance of the aquarium is improved.

Of course, Easy-Life ProFito does not contain any nitrate or phosphate in order not to burden the aquarium water additionally. The nutrients of this product are stabilized several times by various chelators. An anti-oxidant and a preservative counteract the deterioration of the product, which ensures a longer shelf life. You may be able to store Easy-Life ProFito in a cool and dark place to extend its shelf life. Keep out of the reach of children.

Advantages Easy-Life ProFito
• a highly concentrated and complete universal fertilizer
• all nutrients in a product
• makes the extra addition of iron and potassium superfluous in the vast majority of cases
• provides vigorous, healthy and abundant plant growth
• promotes the formation of cytokinins and thus stimulates cell division larger and broader leaves, especially intense leaf coloration
• relieves the aquarium water improves and maintains the biological balance in the aquarium
• stabilized several times
• nitrate and phosphate free
• very economical in use
• promotes cell division

Dosage / Usage
On weekly usage: 10 ml per 100 liter of aquarium water (corresponds to 1 ml to 10 liter of aquarium water).
On daily usage: 1/7 of amount above, thus approx. 1,4 ml per 100 liter of aquarium water.

Tip of use
The color of Easy-Life ProFito is light yellow to light green, and after a while it turns light brown. Use one third of the dosage in the first few weeks. This can then be adjusted later to achieve optimal plant growth (weekly per 100 liters 10 ml +/- 40%). The best dosage can be found when looking at the youngest leaves of a plant. If they are light green, the dosage should be increased. If the aquarium is affected by algae and / or no further growth improvement, you can reduce the dose. Incidentally, the introduction of (several) fast-growing plants in the counteracting of algae can be helpful.

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