Substrat pro, 250 ml (medium for biological filtration)

Substrat pro, 250 ml (medium for biological filtration)

für höchste biologische Abbauleistung Ansiedlungsfläche für Reinigungsbakterien für klares und gesundes Wasser geeignet für Süß- und Salzwasser

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Biological filtration When the filter media with a mechanical function have removed dirt... more
EHEIMSubstrat pro, 250 ml (medium for biological filtration)

Biological filtration
When the filter media with a mechanical function have removed dirt particles, the most important task is up to biological filter media. They are colonized by helpful filter bacteria that break down all sorts of organic pollutants, turning them into unproblematic substances. The main function of biological filter medium is providing these important bacteria with the most favorable environment. EHEIM biological filter media have an optimum surface structure for this task, which is colonized exceedingly well by these bacteria (invisible to our eyes) that create a stable and favorable climate inside your aquarium. The ratio of bulk density and surface is decisive. Do not exchange or clean the entire biological filter material in your filter at once to maintain a certain number of bacteria. The filter baskets in EHEIM external filters and the filter modules in the aquaball are ideal for partical cleaning/exchange.

EHEIM Substrat pro
Medium for biological filtration, for most efficient biological water purification

When the water has been mechanically purified with EHEIM Mech, EHEIM Substrat pro takes over. It provides important filter bacteria an ideal substrate for colonization, and due to its high bulk density thanks to its spherical form (which uses the volume entirely) and its ideal surface structure. This combination provides ideal conditions for a maximum number of filter bacteria, which make the water clear and healthy, provide stable water parameters and long filter maintenance intervals. Substrat pro reduces nitrite peaks, is easy to clean and can be used several times.

Content: 250 ml (for the EHEIM aquaball)
Suitable for freshwater and marine tanks

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Manufacturer EHEIM
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EAN number 4011708250761
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