Aquarium hose, smoke, unprinted

Aquarium tube (hose)
soft, flexible filter tube (hose) completely without labeling smoke-colored - transparent in different sizes available
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The perfect aquarium hose / filter tube for Aquascapers and all who like inconspicuous tubes... more
GH-GOODSAquarium hose, smoke, unprinted

The perfect aquarium hose / filter tube for Aquascapers and all who like inconspicuous tubes (hoses) on their aquarium ... tsmoke-colored / transparent and without labeling!

The smoke-colored / clear aquarium hose / filter tube is elastic and perfect for connecting with glassware (Lily Pipes) and other inflows / outflows, for a nondescript look. Hiding the technology is an important part of Aquascaping and for that reason we have completely dispensed with labeling/imprints on our smoke-transparent aquarium hoses. The clear appearance and smoke-colored transparency alone puts the Aquascape in the foreground and ensures an elegant overall impression. The filter tubes / hoses are very stylish in color, e.g. from the outlet bend or the inlet made of glass or stainless steel.

But not only the appearance is important, an aquarium tube / filter hose must be safe and above all for a long time to ensure a tight connection between the filter and the inlet bend / outlet bend. Our GlasGarten quality tubes / hoses are made of high quality material and they remain soft and flexible for many years. This ensures a secure connection and yet sensitive glassware can still be easily removed from the hose after a long time.

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Manufacturer GH-GOODS

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GH-GOODS :: Aquarium hose, smoke, unprinted
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Gute Qualität !!

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