Baby Shrimp Shelter, Set of 5

Aquarium decoration
original Japanese shrimp shelter perfect as a hiding place for baby shrimp peacefully rest area for the moulting SCALED PRICES - safe up to 30%
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The original Japanese Baby Shrimp Shelters are a real eye-catcher not only as decoration in... more
GH-GOODSBaby Shrimp Shelter, Set of 5

The original Japanese Baby Shrimp Shelters are a real eye-catcher not only as decoration in your aquarium, but above all them are used as a shelter, hiding place and stress-free feeding place for baby shrimp.

The surface of the Baby Shrimp Shelter has a very large surface and is microscopically rough, which means that important biofilms of algae and bacterial lawns settle quickly and frequently, so the Japanese Baby Shrimp Shelters could even be used as a biological filter medium. This biofilm is the optimal food source for baby shrimp and the huge surface of the Baby Shrimp Shelter gives them a huge grazing area. Inside, the Shelter florets are becoming ever narrower, leaving plenty of room where the biofilm of adult shrimp and other aquarium dwellers can no longer be reached. Here, the small shrimp can eat undisturbed in peace, they often sit numerous in the small folds and graze the surfaces.

The Baby Shrimp Shelters have been designed in such a way that the small shrimp on the one hand have plenty of space to graze, and on the other always find a retreat and protection in the immediate vicinity. As soon as they get afraid or feel uncomfortable, just go back a few steps and quickly retreat to the tighter folds of the Baby Shrimp Shelters, where they are safe. But even for moulting the baby shrimp like to hide deep in the folds, as threatens during and shortly after molting the danger of cannibalism. Young shrimp have to shed very often compared to adult shrimp because they grow quite fast. When socializing with fish or other predators that would eat baby shrimp, or even high stocking of shrimp and snails, which also cut off the biofilm of surfaces and often leave nothing to the baby shrimp, so can the survival rate of baby shrimp in the parent or community tank be increased.

The Baby Shrimp Shelters are made of aquarium-compatible plastic (PVC), they have been proven in shrimp breeding for many years.

The different colors of the Baby Shrimp Shelter can be chosen according to your individual taste and / or the layout. To make the hiding place and the camouflage perfect, you can also choose by the color of the shrimp.

Original Japanese Baby Shrimp Shelter

Color and our proposal for shrimp species

Baby Shrimp Shelter
Shrimp species
white Red Bee, Black Bee, Snow White, White Pearl, Blue Bolt, Red Bolt, Taiwan Bee Wine Red, Red Hinomaru, Red Mosura
black Black Bee, Bee Shrimp, Super Crystal Black, Black Tiger, Pinto Black, Black King Kong, Taiwan Bee Panda, Black Sakura
brown Neocaridina davidi Chocolate Sakura
light green green Shrimp Caridina babaulti "green"
dark green Neocaridina davidi Green Jade, Green Hulk
blue Blue Bee, Blue Tiger, Royal Blue Tiger, Blue Velvet, Blue Pearl, Blue Jelly, Blue Dream, Blue Diamond, Blue Sapphire
red Crystal Red, Red Bee, Super Crystal Red, Red Ruby, Red Wine, Pinto Red, Bloody Mary, Red Fire, Red Cherry, Red Sakura, Red Rili
yellow Neocaridina davidi Yellow Fire, Yellow Sakura, Yellow Neon Stripe, Yellow King Kong, Golden Tiger


Instructions for use

The Baby Shrimp Shelter will not go under due to the air in the folds. Keep the Shrimp Shelter under the water in the aquarium and shake the air out of the wrinkles, with tweezers very good, then they sink by themselves to the ground. As you wish, the Baby Shrimp Shelters can be placed in the aquarium, single distributed on the floor, or many piled together.

Our recommendation is depending on the hatchery for a
20 liters aquarium: approx. 3 - 6 pcs. Baby Shrimp Shelter
60 liters aquarium: approx. 10 - 20 pcs. Baby Shrimp Shelter

Diameter: approx. 2 cm

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Manufacturer GH-GOODS

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GH-GOODS :: Baby Shrimp Shelter, Set of 5
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19 Apr 2022 • not verified

Keine Angst sie gehen bald unter.

14 Jan 2022 • not verified

Die schwarzen Shelter sehen genau so fleckig aus wie auf dem Bild. Tipptopp ???????? Passen super ins Becken.

8 Jan 2022 • not verified

Alles ok

16 Aug 2021 • not verified

Habe sie mir weicher vorgestellt, Farbe super sehr schönes Blau

14 Jun 2021 • not verified

Sieht super aus und wird gut angenommen.

17 Mar 2021 • not verified

Kleiner als gedacht und etwas hell, aber tun was sie sollen.

18 Feb 2021 • not verified

Sieht toll aus. Entspricht der Beschreibung. Ware wurde pünktlich und gut verpackt verschickt.

11 Dec 2020 • not verified

Ich hoffe, sie erfüllen ihren Zweck. Im Wasser sind sie.

15 Nov 2020 • not verified

Ich hoffe das die Garnelen die shelter nutzen!

1 Sep 2020 • not verified

Good product ????

14 Aug 2020 • not verified

Süß wenn die Babygarnelen darin sitzen, tolle Idee!

3 Mar 2020 • not verified

Sehen toll aus aber meine kleinen bee's sieht man nicht so oft damit spielen :)

24 Sep 2019 • not verified

garnelenmix die ersten von 3 anderen online versands,seit jhr klar die besten-super verpackung dem +rodukt angemessen.die lieferung rasch,und vor allem die ersten tiere wo ich mit zufrieden bin ob die grösse oder aussehen,einfach top.ich werde bei keinen anderen mehr kaufen,

17 Aug 2019 • not verified

Die Kugeln sind gut gemacht und sehen auch gut aus im Aquarium. Ich habe sie nun einige Wochen ausprobiert und musste feststellen, dass meine Babygarnelen sie nicht benutzen. Sie verstecken sich lieber in der großen Mooskugel. Aber trotzdem sehr gut! Kann ich empfehlen. Vor allem bei Aquarien mit wenig Bepflanzung dürften die Bälle hilfreich sein.

25 Jul 2019 • not verified

Noch sind keine Babygarnelen da um reinzugehen, aber sieht schon mal dekorativ im Becken aus.

23 Jun 2019 • not verified

Tolle süße kleine Teile. Freue mich schon auf den Nachwuchs. :)

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