CO2 Bubble Counter, acrylic

CO2 Bubble Counter
with integrated non-return valve fast and easy CO2 control usable with common CO2 systems available in two variants
Available variants
4/6 mm to 4/6 mm
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M10x1 to 4/6 mm
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With the GH-GOODS CO2 Bubble Counter, acrylic you can easily determine the amount of CO2 added... more
GH-GOODSCO2 Bubble Counter, acrylic

With the GH-GOODS CO2 Bubble Counter, acrylic you can easily determine the amount of CO2 added in your aquarium. 

On a CO2 diffuser, the amount of CO2 emitted can often not be determined well because a little more or less CO2 is not noticeable due to the many small CO2 bubbles. With a CO2 Bubble Counter you just need to count the bubbles and thus can dose much more accurately. As a rule, dosing recommendations are even given after "number of bubbles", thus, e.g. the commonly used base value, 60 bubbles per minute, so every second a CO2 bubble.

The GH-GOODS Acryl CO2 Bubble Counter is additionally equipped with a non-return valve. This prevents water from flowing further than the CO2 bubble counter. Thus, the CO2 system is protected and the bubble counter can not leak.

The CO2 Bubble Counter is made of acrylic glass and the metal parts are finished with an aluminum alloy.

There is the CO2 Bubble Counter in two variants:
• The first variant has couplings at both ends for CO2 hoses in the usual size of 4/6 mm, which are firmly and securely connected by the union nuts.
• The second variant also has a coupling for 4/6 mm hoses on the outlet side (diffuser side) and an M10x1 internal thread on the inlet side. Through the internal thread you can screw the bubble counter directly with a suitable needle valve or pressure reducer (optional available).

Simply unscrew the CO2 Bubble Counter, fill with water, screw back and connect. The CO2 Bubble Counter should be mounted so that the inlet side with the check valve is at the bottom. Then the CO2 hoses are connected and you can easily and quickly read the exact bubble number and then on the CO2 needle valve, for example. of the CO2 pressure reducer.

For operation, a working pressure of at least 1.5 bar is required.

GH-GOODS - CO2 Buble Counter, acrylic glass

Dimensions and Conections

CO2 Buble Counter 4/6 mm to 4/6 mm M10x1 to 4/6 mm
Height 80 mm 80 mm
Diameter 20 mm 20 mm
Inlet 4/6 mm M10x1
Outlet 4/6 mm 4/6 mm
Article information
Manufacturer GH-GOODS

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