Egg Dancer, glass incubator for shrimp eggs

Aquarium accessories
for hatching shrimp eggs easy handling and assembly perfect for "lost" shrimp eggs air-driven (membrane pump optional)

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This glass incubator for shrimp eggs helps you save shrimp eggs you believed had been lost as it... more
GH-GOODSEgg Dancer, glass incubator for shrimp eggs
This glass incubator for shrimp eggs helps you save shrimp eggs you believed had been lost as it has been designed for hatching motherless shrimp eggs.

Most breeders probably know the problem: a female shrimp is berried, and suddenly it dies. Now you won’t have to give the eggs up for lost. Carefully remove them from the swimmerettes with a pair of tweezers and hatch them in the Egg Dancer Incubator. This may even be successful if the female dies just after berrying (and the shrimplets need almost a month till they hatch) as you can see in photos 4 and 5.

Instructions of use
  • Attach both suction cups, take out the lower rubber ring with the sieve, submerse the Egg Dancer in water and add the shrimp eggs
  • Re-insert the rubber ring, attach an air hose and attach the Egg Dancer on the aquarium wall
  • Insert the air tap somewhere in the hose on the way to the membrane pump. Adjust the amount of air so the eggs dance on the sieve - this way they are supplied with the right amount of oxygen, as the mother shrimp would provide by moving them with its swimmerets
  • put the baby shrimp into your aquarium as soon as possible after hatching

We wish you lots of success, and may all your shrimp eggs hatch... ;o)

Length: 86 mm
Diameter: 20mm

1x Egg Dancer glass incubator
2x rubber rings with sieve
2x suction cups
1x air tap

Not part of the content, please order separately
Air hose 4/6 mm and a membrane pump.
Alternatively a branch off a membrane pump you already have in use.
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Manufacturer GH-GOODS
Article number GH-EGGD
Shipping weight 0,1 kg

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GH-GOODS :: Egg Dancer, glass incubator for shrimp eggs
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16 Oct 2019 • not verified

Alles super immer wieder

7 Oct 2018 • not verified

Also, als ich heute lose Eier im Aquarium entdeckte, hab ich sie sofort in das Aufzuchtgerät getan. Leider sind die Gitterscheiben viel zu klein und halten nicht. Ich habe mir jetzt aus Filtermattenschumstoff was gebastelt damit die Eier drinnen bleiben. Das Gerät ist super, noch besser wäre es wenn die Gitterscheiben etwas größer im Durchmesser wären. LG Günter

Answer from 8 Oct 2018

Moin Günter,
vielen Dank für deine Bewertung. Bei uns hat der Egg Dancer auch schon oft geholfen beim Eier ausbrüten. Dass die Scheiben nicht passen soll aber so nicht sein, bitte melde dich doch bei uns, damit wir die Sache klären können.

Dir viel Erfolg mit den Garneleneiern und allzeit viel Freude mit deinem Aquarium.

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