Indian almond bark

Natural product - Terminalia catappa L.
helps shrimp in skinning problems has mild disinfecting effect acts preventively against fungal infection beautiful look and decoration
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The active ingredients of the Indian almond bark (including tannins) have a mildly... more
GH-GOODSIndian almond bark

The active ingredients of the Indian almond bark (including tannins) have a mildly disinfecting and fungicidal action. Accordingly, you can use Indian almond tree bark well and easy, e.g. preventing fungal infections and molting problems of shrimps and crabs in the aquarium.

Our bark of the Indian almond tree is untreated and has been gently dried. With the Indian almond tree bark you can create natural shelters and great hiding places for the shrimp, crayfish, crabs and smaller fish.

Each 10 g are sufficient for about 600 liters of water (from the disinfecting and fungicidal effect).
As a decoration, or if the effect has been exhausted, the Indian almond bark can be portioned according to your own ideas.
Recommendation: We recommend rinsing the Indian almond bark with hot water for a short time before use. For a strong effect, place the Indian almond tree bark immediately in the aquarium. If a milder effect is desired, we recommend watering for several hours up to a day.

Our Tip
Initially, the Indian almond tree bark floats on the surface, but then sinks to the ground after a few hours. An initial possibly occurring slight turbidity is natural and completely harmless. This disappears after a short time.

Do you use more tanning products such as Indian almond leaves, or many other foliage, please take into account in the dosage.

After about 3 weeks, the tannins are largely released. The Indian almond tree bark can now be renewed or permanently remain as a decoration in the aquarium.
Tip: In order to avoid larger fluctuations of the tannin content when changing the water, the Indian almond bark can also be used for the treatment of the alternating water.

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30g - Pack (resealable zip-Bag), 1-3 pcs.

As the Indian almond tree bark is a natural product, its appearance, shape and number per package may vary.

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GH-GOODS :: Indian almond bark
22 Apr 2021

Sehr gutes Produkt.

5 Oct 2020

Sehr dekorativ und nützlich obendrein.

31 Jul 2020

Auch eine sehr schöne Ergänzung zur Deko im Becken. Wirkt direkt natürlicher.

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