Indian Almond leaves

Natural product / water care
mildly disinfecting and fungicidal action great looking decoration in the aquarium decomposing leaves serve as shrimp food perfect for shrimp and crayfish aquarium
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The leaves of the Indian almond tree Terminalia catappa L. have long been popular in the... more
GH-GOODSIndian Almond leaves

The leaves of the Indian almond tree Terminalia catappa L. have long been popular in the aquarium and especially for shrimp and crayfish lovers. On the one hand, the Indian Almond tree leaves contain important tannins and humic substances, which can help in case of problems (or prevention) with fungus on shrimp, and on the other hand, the Indian Almond leaves are a great decoration in the aquarium and on the surface over time and through the Decomposition process cultivating bacteria and microorganisms, which are eaten by the shrimp. Even the decaying leaves themselves are especially prized by crayfish as food. 

Effect of Indian Almond leaves
The active ingredients of the Indian Almond tree leaves (including tannins) have a mildly disinfecting and fungicidal (against fungi and spores) effect. That's why you can be use very well Indian Almond leaves to e.g. prevent fungus and molting/skinning problems in shrimps and crayfish.
The pH value of the aquarium water is lowered only very slightly by the Indian Almond tree leaves, the total salt content (total hardness) is slightly increased. The water can, as with many other leaf species, after a while get a slight / minimal amber tone, but always remains crystal clear.

Dosage of Indian Almond leaves
Size Nano: 2 - 3 leaves  for about approx. 40 l aquarium water
Size XL: 2 - 3 leaves  for about approx. 100 l aquarium water
Simply lay the Indian Almond leaves on the water surface. After 1 - 2 days, the leaves are soaked in water and slowly sink to the ground. Alternatively, the Indian Almond tree leaves can be well weighed down with a stone, which then holds them in place on the ground. In addition to their effect, Indian Almond tree leaves also provide a very decorative sight in a natural aquarium.

After 2 - 3 weeks the effect is exhausted, but nevertheless the Indian Almond leaves should be left in the aquarium. The leaves that decompose over time are eaten by the shrimp and crabs to the last detail.


Available units / packing sizes (please choose above)
Nano: 6 - 10 cm with 10 or 50 pcs. single Indian Almond leaves
XL: 10 - 15 cm with 5, 10 oder 50 pcs. single Indian Almond leaves

The Indian almond tree leaves are a hand-picked natural product and the dimensions/sizes may possibly differ slightly for one or the other leaf.

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GH-GOODS :: Indian Almond leaves
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15 Jan 2024 • not verified


14 Jan 2024 • not verified

Sehen sehr dekorativ aus. Die garnelen und Schnecken grasen es regelmäßig ab.

26 Oct 2023 • not verified


28 Mar 2023 • not verified

Die Blätter sind wirklich riesig - trotz Größenangabe waren wir beim Auspacken überrascht!

20 Feb 2023 • not verified

Sehr gut

17 May 2022 • not verified

Gut verpackt und genau die Größe die ich haben wollte

29 Apr 2022 • not verified

Die Blätter sind qualitativ super und die Garnelen lieben sie

16 Jan 2022 • not verified

Super Ware. Gerne wieder

31 Aug 2021 • not verified

Die Bezeichnung Nano sollte man in mega oder xxl ändern ;)
In meinem 30 Liter Becken wirken die riesige

5 Jun 2021 • not verified

Super Preisleistung

8 Apr 2021 • not verified

Für die Bezeichnung XL überraschend klein. Preis passt aber

7 Apr 2021 • not verified

Gut und trocken verpackt

26 Mar 2021 • not verified

Zu den Blättern kann ich mir noch kein Urteil erlauben. Dafür habe ich sie zu kurz. Es sind wirklich Blätter, kein Krümelkram.

27 Sep 2020 • not verified

Schöne Deko und eine weitere Quelle für Huminstoffe.

9 Apr 2020 • not verified

Super gute Qualität 1A*****

8 Apr 2020 • not verified

Gute Qualität. Meine Fischen und Garnelen gehts gut.

2 Mar 2020 • not verified

Seemandelbaumblätter sind immer eine gute Sache, um für die Gesundheit der Tiere zu sorgen, rein biologisch. Das ist mehr als gut!!!

29 Feb 2020 • not verified

Topp Qualität

3 Feb 2020 • not verified

Ein Klassiker

16 Sep 2019 • not verified

Wirken natürlicher als Konkurrenzprodukte von grösseren Anbietern

1 Sep 2019 • not verified

Super Qualität. Kein Schimmel etc. Die Garnelen lieben sie.

8 Aug 2019 • not verified

Sehr schöne Auswahl. Verschiedene Größen waren dabei. Preis Top! Sehr zufrieden!

4 Sep 2018 • not verified

Super Ware

28 Jun 2018 • not verified

Bestens zufrieden

14 Jun 2018 • not verified

Etwas kleiner als erwartet, jedoch schön trocken.

Answer from 13 Aug 2018

Hallo Jérome,
wir geben die ca. Größen jetzt mit an :o)

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