Set - Water Quality

Natural Product / Water Conditioner
for a natural increase of water quality cinnamon sticks, alder cones, fennel, willow bark plus extra 5 pcs. Indian Almond leaves for the well-being of aquarium inhabitants

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A good water quality is the non-plus-ultra in an aquarium ... Especially shrimps and snails... more
GH-GOODSSet - Water Quality

A good water quality is the non-plus-ultra in an aquarium ... Especially shrimps and snails always need good values ​​here, but also the entire microbiology benefits from good water values, can develop well and provide a well functioning aquarium..

Our Set for better water quality is composed of untreated, 100% natural components:

  • Ceylon - Cinnamon Sticks, 5 pcs.
  • Alder Cones, 15g
  • Willow Bark
  • Fennel, 10g
  • Indian Almont Leaves, 5 pcs.


The individual products in the Set to increase the water quality offer you the following advantages:

Ceylon - Cinnemon Sticks
Protects and cares for valuable tannins, essential oils and humic substances.
Ideal as a hiding place and retreat.
Appealing reddish color under water.

Alder Cones
Preventing fungal infections.
Mucosal protective by humic and tannins.

Willow Bark
Containing acetylsalicylic acid supports the treatment of algae infestation (blue and filamentous algae).

Antibacterial and antifungal activity.
Ideal for the prevention of fungal attack or increased bacteria (germ count).
Various essential oils to support the immune system.
Decomposes in the course of time and serves the animals as a dietary supplement.

Indian Almont Leaves
Mild disinfecting and fungicidal effect.
For the prevention of fungal infections and molting/skinning problems.
Decomposes over time and is eaten by the shrimp, crabs and snails.

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GH-GOODS :: Set - Water Quality
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