Stainless steel CO2 diffuser

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elegant and slim design made of high quality stainless steel replaceable ceramic membrane CO2 atomization into fine bubbles
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15 / 200 mm
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15 / 250 mm
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15 / 300 mm
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15 / 350 mm
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25 / 300 mm
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25 / 350 mm
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The new stainless steel CO2 diffusers in elegant and slim design are beautiful and fit... more
GH-GOODSStainless steel CO2 diffuser

The new stainless steel CO2 diffusers in elegant and slim design are beautiful and fit inconspicuously into the aquarium design. The ceramic membrane is made of a special ceramic material and has such fine pores that the CO2 emanates in the finest bubbles. As a result, the added CO2 in the water gets a huge surface area, which ensures an optimal CO2 solution in the water and is thus available to the aquatic plants for CO2 uptake.

The ceramic membrane of the stainless steel CO2 diffuser is durable and easy to clean when dirty, cleaning recommendations see below. And should it ever be replaced, we offer replacement ceramic membranes at a reasonable price. These can be found under the "Accessories" button. Replacing the ceramic membrane is very easy, simply unscrew the lid of the diffuser body counterclockwise and replace the ceramic membrane. Screw on the lid again and tighten slightly hand-tight, done.

The diffuser housings are made of high quality stainless steel and the components are laser-welded precisely to each other, which makes them highly pressure-resistant and tightly connected. The very slim and inconspicuous tube, with only 5mm outer diameter, forms the connection between diffuser body in the water and hose connection outside the water. Connected to a standard 4/6mm CO2 hose or silicone hose. Attached and held in place, the CO2 stainless steel diffuser comes with a clip that is also made of stainless steel. It sits on the edge of the aquarium and holds the CO2 stainless steel diffuser in position without wobble. The CO2 diffuser sits securely and tightly in place.

The stainless steel clips are available for different glass thicknesses, for 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15 mm, whereby one size larger than the glass thickness can still be sufficiently tight on the edge of the aquarium, if necessary, slightly compress the clamp. As an example, a 10 mm clip can still sit tightly on an 8 mm glass. We also offer the retaining clips individually and they fit to all stainless steel CO2 diffusers with a tube diameter of 5 mm.

The stainless steel CO2 diffusers are available in different sizes and lengths so you can position it as deep as possible, depending on the height of aquarium.

GH-GOODS - CO2 Stainless Steel Diffusers

Variants and technical details

CO2 Diffuser
incl. sealing
all over
Clips for
Glass thickness
15 / 200 mm 15 mm 20 mm 200 mm 6 mm
15 / 250 mm 15 mm 20 mm 250 mm 8 mm
15 / 300 mm 15 mm 20 mm 300 mm 10 mm
15 / 350 mm 15 mm 20 mm 350 mm 12 mm
25 / 300 mm 25 mm 31 mm 300 mm 12 mm
25 / 350 mm 25 mm 31 mm 350 mm 15 mm

Hints and tips from us

  • CO2 stainless steel diffusers require a working pressure of approx. 1.5 - 2 bar. Therefore, they are not suitable for Bio-CO2
  • It may take about 1-2 days for the ceramic membrane to produce the smallest possible bubbles. Alright already a spare membrane to the side. If you put them in water about 1-2 days before use, the finest bubbles are coming right at the beginning.
  • If the water level in the aquarium is so high that it touches the clip, do not press the clip all the way down and leave about 1-2mm air between glass edge and clip. Otherwise, the water can rise through the capillary effect and walk over the edge.

Cleaning of stainless steel CO2 diffuser

After some time in the aquarium, natural coating is applied to the stainless steel and the ceramic membrane.
The stainless steel case is polished at the factory and can not break like glass, so it can be cleaned very easily and safely by wiping, usually the coating goes off with a little rubbing effortlessly.
To clean the ceramic Memran not only externally, but also in the pores, use a commercially available chlorine cleaner (Caution, please follow manufacturer's instructions and hazard warnings). This is mixed with 50% water in a container into which the parts to be cleaned fit. It is best to use a glass with a screw cap, or similar, because you can use the solution for several applications. Depending on the degree of soiling, the diffuser is put in for approx. 2-4 hours. A longer time have no benefits and is therefore not necessary. Then the diffuser is removed and rinsed thoroughly under the faucet. There should be no residues from the chlorine cleaner. To rinse the pores of the ceramic membrane, install it in the diffuser, draw a syringe with water and inject some water through the diffuser tube. This is repeated a few times and the diffuser can be used again in the aquarium.
This cleaning bath also works well for all other glassware or stainless steel parts, such as Drop Checker, Lily Pipes, stainless steel filter inlet / outlet, etc.

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GH-GOODS :: Stainless steel CO2 diffuser
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11 Mar 2023 • not verified

Tolles Produkt,würde ich wieder kaufen

13 Aug 2021 • not verified

Rundum zufrieden mit dem Diffusor.

2 Dec 2020 • not verified

Wirkt gut verarbeitet, zerstäubt das CO2 sehr fein und leise. Bis er eingefahren ist, kann es sein, dass am Membranrand größere Bläschen austreten.
Vorteil gegenüber allen anderen Diffusoren: Man kann ihn zum reinigen zerlegen und Reinigungsmittel wie Bleiche wieder gründlich entfernen.

23 Nov 2020 • not verified


1 Nov 2020 • not verified

Spitzen Qualität und sauber verarbeite :) passt gut

27 Oct 2020 • not verified

Sehen gut aus und optimal für kleine Becken

22 Aug 2020 • not verified

Einwandfreie Funktion und unauffällig im Becken.

11 Jun 2020 • not verified

Tut was man auf der seite verspricht kaufe ihn in Zukunft für alle meine becken!

5 Feb 2020 • not verified

Genau wie beschrieben

22 Dec 2018 • not verified

Macht sehr feine Bläschen und sieht super aus!

4 Dec 2018 • not verified

Er ist sein Geld wert richtig gute kleine feinste Bläschen kommen heraus.

6 Nov 2018 • not verified

Ein sehr wertiger Diffusor zum akzeptablen Preis.
Ich habe den Arbeitsdruck auf 2,1 Bar gestellt und es kommen feine Perlen aus der Membran.

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